Top smart gadgets to carry in GYM

New years a lot of you must have made the resolution to become more fit but going to the gym isn’t the only way to be motivated enthusiastic people can start working on this resolution by first getting these top smart gadgets that can be carried to the gym, get started with fitness using these advanced gym gadgets

Fitness smart gadgets:

Fit bit ionic

Priced at $240 fitbit ionic is the best smartwatch right now in the market with impressive features well fitting for gym freaks. It tracks your workouts with almost every type of workout updated and when it comes to looks it has a very sophisticated look and comfortable feel to the watch suitable for any situation.

Ozmo active smart cup hydration tracker

It is very important to stay hydrated which many people neglect right away especially when it comes to workout. We don’t always have our parents or well wishers nearby to keep reminding us but ozmo is a hydration tracker cup that is leak free and tracks the amount of water consumed, how much more should be taken and also has an alarm when the cup shakes to alert the user to drink water. It has an app in the app store one can connect it through the Bluetooth; the cup also has a battery and speaker. The product is priced at $70. Also checkout best weighing scales to take a look at your weight in gym.

Tangram smart rope

Tangram is a smart rope as it keeps tracks of your skips for you lights up with LED in mid air showing the stats. Skip rope is one of the best cardio workouts and tangram helps you just there, it can record more than 100 sets of skip rope sessions.

Upright go posture trainer

In today’s technology generation we all get stuck to our computers and phones for hours with contorted body posture specially stooping. These unhealthy sitting positions are really harmful for the spine and if not corrected might lead to serious damage. UpRight trainer tracks your body position and after connecting to your phone keeps making us aware of our posture and helps us to correct it in the right way also with toughing our cores.

The product is widely used and the makers have such trust on the success of the product that it comes with 30 –day complete money back guarantee. Priced at $80.

Sculpt performance training system

Sculpt is a training system which measures fat percentage of your body at any given time. It can analyze the current physical state of the body and record 24 areas of fat in the body. It also helps us understand and focus on the parts of the body to burn fat efficiently. Sculpt is priced at $85.

IFit sleep hr

For an athlete sleep pattern and a good sleep is required along with a good eating habits.

There might come times when we need to track our sleeping pattern and duration and IFit sleep hr is exactly the product for you. It connects with your smart phones through Bluetooth and just has to be put beneath your matters. It studies your body angle, the amount of time you move, number of times your sleep was disturbed. It also analyses at which sleeping stage are you in cureently or were at a particular point of time and have an inbuilt alarm which wakes you up when at the most appropriate sleeping stage.

It’s priced for: $119

Bose sound support free wireless headphones

For a lot of people gym is the time to think and reflect over the entire day that’s where they pop in music and start with their workout. One of the best wireless headphones in the market for gym purposes is Bose headphones. It has sweat resistance feature with find my buds feature linked with an app connected to your Smartphone for in case you ever lost your headphones. The app can be also used to customize the audio settings to your liking.

This is priced at: $199

Powerdot 2.0Muscle stimulator

It’s often that after workouts athletes take a cold shower and continue with their day avoiding the throbbing muscle pain. If left unattended for long the consequences can be damaging to the body. Powerdot is a muscle stimulator that stimulates the tensed or aching parts of the body. It’s a good way of doing away with your fatigue and soreness and it also improves our muscle performance. this product can be used by pairing it with the Smartphone downloading an app and putting the muscle stimulator over body parts that hurt and the level of the stimulator can be controlled by the phone. This is priced at $299.


Fitness gadgets today range from $80 -$250.

Available at mostly Amazon or even a sports complex or even some gyms. Some gadgets are expensive but the features that it contains justify its price. Quality comes at a high expense.


When it comes to gyming and fitness it’s important that we work smart and not only hard.

With our day to day busy life keeping track and maintain that healthy lifestyle becomes really difficult but products like hydration tracker and pulse oximeter and fit bit or apple watches helps us keep track of ourselves and not only inside the gym even when out for a jog or work. The fitness gadgets may be a little expensive but if it helps us get results it’s not a really big number when measured with success.

In 2020 the smart gadgets available for gym are really advanced and are bound to surely make our workout convenient and our journey towards fitness a little more easy.

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