Mark Normand’s Wife: The Rise of Mae Planert in Comedy

  • Mae Planert: Comedian from Massachusetts
  • Married to Mark Normand, also a comedian
  • Co-hosts podcasts ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News’
  • Performs at top venues like The Stand in NYC

Mae Planert is making waves in comedy. Born in Massachusetts and now living in Manhattan, she tackles social norms and hypocrisy without holding back. She runs two podcasts. In ‘We Were Had,‘ Mae dives into history’s mysteries that no one has solved yet. ‘Risque Business News’ looks at big company scandals but makes you laugh.

They got married at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City, which shows how much they love comedy. Their wedding wasn’t just a celebration of their marriage; it also spotlighted Mae’s solid career in entertainment.

Professional stand-up comedian

Mae Planert stand comedian

Mae Planert is a seasoned stand-up comedian from Massachusetts, now making waves in Manhattan’s comedy scene. She’s known for her sharp commentary on double standards and societal hypocrisy. On stage, Mae connects deeply with her audience, making them think as much as they laugh.

Besides live shows, Mae is also active online. She hosts two podcasts: ‘We Were Had’ and ‘Risque Business News.’ She tackles historical mysteries and corporate scandals in these shows with humour and insight.

Wedding at The Stand in New York City

Mark Normand and Mae Planert married at The Stand Comedy Club in New York City. It’s a comedy club, and for on particular day, it became a place for their wedding. Their friends, family, and fellow comedians joined them. Everyone watched as they promised to stick together, all in a happy and full of laughter place.

They picked this spot because they both love comedy, and that’s where they met. Their wedding wasn’t just about getting married; it was about celebrating how they came together through their love of making people laugh. It set a happy tone for their life ahead, filled with comedy and laughter.

Mae planert wedding

Mae Planert’s Career and Rise in Comedy

As co-host of ‘Risque Business News,’ Mae Planert dives into corporate scandals and shocking workplace stories. She and her co-host get into corporate wrongdoing, from sneaky tactics to big-time fraud. The podcast blends Mae’s humour with serious news reviews.

This mix pulls listeners into a place where laughs meet the harsh truths of business. She manages to entertain and educate, giving an intelligent yet funny look at how modern companies operate. Her style clicks with listeners who like their insights served with humour.

Performances at top comedy clubs

Mae Planert new york comedy

Mae Planert is a hit at top comedy clubs, and it’s boosted her career. She performs at places like The Stand in New York City, and it’s made her well-known. She’s funny and intelligent, and her jokes make people think.

When she’s on stage, she mixes humour with serious topics in a way that sticks with you. These shows make her famous and let her meet other comedians and big names in the industry, helping her career even more.

Mae Planert’s Instagram and Followers

Mae Planert shares her comedy and life on Instagram. It’s a great spot to see her updates and behind-the-scenes moments. When you follow her, you’re not just watching; you’re connecting. This helps her be more visible and builds a stronger bond with her fans.

Connect with her on social media.

mae planert insta

Mae Planert shares fun content on her Instagram, giving fans a closer look at her comedy and everyday life.

Mae’s friendly and down-to-earth online style has attracted a large following, making her a well-known figure in the comedy world. She also holds live Q&As and asks for feedback on her work, which helps her connect more with her audience. Her social media is your ticket to her lively and funny world.

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Mae Planert’s comedic success highlights the profound influence of talent and media on today’s culture. Her commitment, even getting married at a comedy club, underscores her dedication. Active on Instagram, Mae strengthens her connection with fans, expanding her reach in comedy and entertainment.

In conclusion, Mae and Mark Normand captivate audiences with wit and engaging podcasts. Mae’s growing influence in comedy, evident in her stand-up and podcast prowess, solidifies her status as a critical figure in the industry.

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