Gangtok Tourist Attractions & Best Time to Visit Gangtok

The colors of culture, the traditional architectural art, and the natural Valley – are only a few of the reasons that are enough to convince someone to visit Gangtok! But for that, you will have to increase your budget as you will be unable to control yourself for sure. Gangtok has got great tourist attractions.

The best thing about Gangtok is that you will find perfect places to visit whether you are traveling with family, friends, or the love of your life! So, pack your bags and hurry up – book your tickets and get a relaxing vacation somewhere far from the daily rush and polluted city area.

Top 5 Destinations to Visit in Gangtok

1. Kanchenjunga Mountain

The mountain is a part of Himalaya mountain ranges and is one of India’s highest mountains and the third-highest one across the globe. Similarly, the toughest one as it has been said that nobody could ever reach the peaks of the mountain.

People get very close to the spot but were unable to reach the heights of Kanchenjunga mountain, and another fact that grabs the attention of tourists from all over the world is that the hill partially lies between Nepal and India.

2. Rumtek Monastery

Rumtek Monastery is the most famous and the largest monastery among all others present in Gangtok. There is an excellent relation of this monastery with history, which makes it the most significant one. The architecture and the sculptures present in the monastery are eye-catching, which attracts foreign tourists the most.

The embellishment of the interior gives the essence of history, culture, and tradition. You will have a magical view if you get to the top of the monastery. Do not ever forget to bring your DSLR with you to capture amazing moments.

3. Tsomgo Lake

The long freshwater path with a heavenly view of mountains is a perfect match. What can one ask more for? When you are at the ideal spot! Tsomgo Lake is one of the largest lakes in India with an altitude of 3,753 meters. It is what makes it more appealing than any other. Spend the whole day there, and enjoy the rides with the yummiest street foods at the location.

4. Seven Sister Waterfalls

Visiting Gangtok and do not know about Seven Sister Waterfalls? Buddy, you are going to miss the most romantic spot of your tour. This waterfall is so famous for the perfect couple’s destination. As per its name, it has seven waterfalls next to the shoulder of one another.

The breath-taking view comes after the rainfall and in the evening, and the sunset moment is also fantastic and to die for, and you can have quality time with your family in such a peaceful environment. Many tourists come here to capture beauty through photography.

5. Tashi Viewpoint

If you are looking to have a spot where you can go with senior citizens, then Tashi Viewpoint is perfect! It is famous for having a fantastic view of the whole city. It is safe, and access is easy as compared to other higher spots.

Take a hot cup of tea and enjoy the pleasant view. The location is a famous and most visited place as it gives you a picture of snow coated Himalaya mountains. If you are a nature lover and admires the landscapes, then it is an ideal spot for you.

Best Time to Visit Gangtok

During autumn and spring, you must visit the Kanchenjunga mountains as, during this period, the weather is pleasant, and you will have a clearer picture of the natural beauty. If you want to make your climbing worthy and enjoy the actual view, you must go in these seasons.

Never visit that place during winter, as you will face a lot of difficulty in climbing. Make sure to think twice before going to that place, as climbing itself is not easy, and the breath-taking view comes only from the height!

If you are planning to visit Rumtek Monastery, you will easily find transport to cover transport. To make the trip economical, people usually hire shared vehicles. It is necessary to keep the timings, i.e., 8 am to 6 pm in mind, to avoid any inconvenience. It is always recommended to visit the place whether early in the morning or in the evening as the weather is still pleasant.

Visiting Tsomgo Lake is so much fun, but do not forget to bring your identity cards along with extra passport-sized pictures along with you as it lies in the restricted zone. It is necessary to have permission before the visiting date, so take care of this.

Avoid visiting during winters, as heavy snowfall sometimes results in the blockage of roads, and unfortunately, you will find no space to spend a night there. If you are going to visit during summer, you will get the natural beauty of transparent sky blue water, and if you are planning to visit during winters, you will get half lake covered with snow, which allows you to enjoy ice skating.

Although, for Seven Sister Waterfalls, there is no specific season to visit as it has its beauty in each season. However, it is recommended to visit the destination early in the morning or evening to witness the sunset.

The best time to visit Tashi Viewpoint is during the summer season as the atmosphere is bright, and it allows you to witness the beauty till the sight. By paying a minimal amount of Rs. 10, you can see the closer view through telescope available there. Enjoy the food from the local street markets and make memories!

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