What is Web Hosting & Why It’s Important


The computer has proved to be the biggest invention in the history of science and technology. The innumerable number of facilities provided by the computer is commendable. From the speed, versatility, accuracy, portability to the internet, all the facilities are up to the mark. The computer is not less than a virtual human brain. To your every question, it has an answer. The computer has made the life of humans very easy. Any work can be done on the computer and saved for later use. Today, one cannot even imagine their life without this outstanding invention.

With the discovery of the Internet, thee uses and importance of the computer has reached its next level. Internet is a network that uses internet protocols and network connectivity to share any information safely and securely. The importance of the internet in our daily lives is unquestionable. The internet connects you to billions of people at a time. Before it’s advent, it was a time -taking process to talk to another person sitting far away from you. But now, within a short span of time, you can talk. It connects you from millions of computer network at the same time.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that authorizes an organization or an individual to post a website or web page on the internet. A Web hosting service provider is a business that provides the services needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted on a special computer called server. If any internet user wants to view your web page or website then simply they have to write the website address or domain name in their search bar of their browser. After doing this, their browser or computer will get connected to your server and then web pages will be sent to the user through the browser.

Types of Web Hosting Service Provider

There are so many types of web hosting service provider that is available to host. Before proceeding further, it is mandatory to check what kind of service your website requires, your available budget, type of server that you need, etc. There are broadly four types of Web Hosting service providers. They have been classified and explained below:-

  • Website Builder:- This type of hosting service is for the beginners to host a website but they lack knowledge and abilities to build a website. Website Builder service provides it’s the user an online browser-based interface to build and also host the website and make any further additional set up for the same.
  • Shared Hosting:- In a shared hosting service provider, the website is shared with other users as well. In this physical server and software application is shared among or between other users. HostItBro is best among all shared hosting providers. The shared hosting service is actually affordable as the cost of the server is shared among all it’s user equally. But the disadvantage of this type of hosting service is that it is slow.
  • Dedicated Hosting:- In this type of hosting environment, the whole server is dedicated to only one user. The service is fast because it belongs to only one person and the resources are also entirely used only by one person without sharing the service with other owners. But, if a single person holds the ownership of a server then the entire cost will be on the shoulders of that person. However, this dedicated hosting service is good and fast and also safe and secure.
  • Collocated Hosting:- This Collocated hosting service is also excellent. It has many advantages. The best part is the user can simply purchase the server and house it at a web host’s facility. The entire cost of the server will be paid by the server owner. The best part is the owner of the server will have full control of its server. It will be safe and secure from all the way. The owner can download any application or script they want to, anytime.

So, above-mentioned types of hosting service providers have been classified on the basis of their uses, work and cost. All the web hosting service is different from each other in their own way with some advantages and disadvantages.

Importance of Web Hosting

Web hosting is important in many ways. Some of it’s basic and major importance’s are mentioned below:-

  • Fast website load time:- No website owner will love to give their users a slow website experience. A slow website most likely will not entertain it’s user’s demand and the user may not love the experience of the website and also most likely they will take an exit from there. But with good web hosting, there are more chances to impress the users.
  • Decrease website down:- Many times, some users have come across the many website-related problems. The main issue is website remains unavailable for it’s users due to poor web hosting service. If the website goes down then the website owner may lose their customers revenue most importantly, the trust.

Along with it, better security, frequent website backup, better support, search engine optimization and ranking, are some of the major importance of having a good web hosting service. Web hosting is important because of the reasons mentioned above. But before proceeding further the website owner should keep in mind their budget and what type of service is needed and then they can easily enjoy the services provided by a good web host.