The Bachelor Finale: Who Did Joey Pick as His Final Choice?

  • Joey Graziadei picked Kelsey Anderson on Season 28 of ‘The Bachelor’.
  • He asked her to marry him in Tulum, Mexico during the last episode.
  • Daisy Kent was also in the final round, but Joey didn’t pick her.
  • Joey’s family really liked Kelsey, and that helped him make his choice.
  • When Joey proposed, Kelsey happily said yes.

In the final episode of ‘The Bachelor‘ Season 28, Joey Graziadei had to make a big choice that everyone was watching closely. He had to pick between Kelsey Anderson and Daisy Kent after spending weeks with them, going on dates, and getting to know them deeply. His decision was a big moment and ended the season on a high note, full of emotions.

Joey’s choice really makes us think about how these shows impact the people on them and the viewers at home. It’s interesting to talk about how real the feelings might be on TV and what it means about love and being committed to someone. So, let’s dive into what Joey’s decision tells us about these reality TV romances and why we care so much about them.

Joey’s Choice in The Bachelor Finale

Daisy Faces Elimination

Daisy Faces Elimination

When Joey Graziadei made his final choice on The Bachelor finale, Daisy Kent knew she was out. She handled it well, though. Daisy kept her cool and showed a lot of maturity. It was clear she learned a lot about herself this season and came out stronger. Daisy’s classy way of leaving the show ended one chapter for her, but it’s just the beginning of what’s next. She’s left a strong impression on everyone watching.

Kelsey’s Memorable Final Date

Kelsey's Memorable Final Date

Kelsey’s final date with Joey was a key moment that really showed how close they had become. They took a hot air balloon ride over Tulum, Mexico. Floating up high, it felt like their feelings were reaching new heights too.

As they looked down at the beautiful scenery, they talked openly about their fears and hopes. Kelsey shared her dreams, and Joey really connected with them. It was clear to Joey that Kelsey was more than just someone he was dating on a show; she could be the one for him.

Meeting Between Joey’s Family and Kelsey

Meeting Between Joey's Family and Kelsey

During the last episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ Joey’s family met Kelsey. This was a key moment for Joey’s choice. Family opinions matter a lot at this stage of the show. Kelsey had real talks with Joey’s family. She shared her values and what she wants for the future. She connected with them by showing true interest and understanding. This left a good impression. This meeting showed she fits well not just with Joey, but with his family too.

Joey Proposes: The Climactic Decision

In the final episode of ‘The Bachelor,’ Joey Graziadei chose Kelsey Anderson. He proposed with a special ring, reflecting their time together. It was an emotional moment. They both showed true feelings of love and commitment. Kelsey happily said yes. Their decision to be together thrilled the audience, showing their clear joy.

Selecting the Perfect Engagement Ring

Joey picked out the perfect engagement ring for his proposal to Kelsey, showing how much he cares. Here’s how he did it:

  1. Personal Taste: He knew Kelsey well, so he chose a ring that matched her style and grace.

  2. Symbolic Meaning: The diamond he picked stands for lasting strength, much like their relationship.

  3. Quality: Joey went for a top-notch ring, ensuring it was as perfect as their love.

  4. Future Heritage: He hoped the ring would be passed down through their family, marking the start of their life together.

The Heartfelt Proposal Moment

The Heartfelt Proposal Moment

How did Joey propose to Kelsey on The Bachelor?

Joey proposed to Kelsey in a simple, moving way that summed up their time together on the show. They were in Tulum, Mexico, surrounded by peace and beauty. Joey told Kelsey how much she meant to him, focusing on her strength and openness. His proposal was more than just a big gesture; it showed how much they had grown together. They really understood and respected each other. Joey spoke honestly, making it clear this was a big step from their TV show days to a new beginning for them both.

Kelsey’s Joyful Response

Kelsey was thrilled when Joey proposed. It was a big moment on this season’s ‘The Bachelor,’ showing her romantic journey and personal growth. Her bright smile and tears showed how much this meant to her.

Here’s what happened:

  1. Tears of Happiness: When Joey proposed, Kelsey couldn’t hold back her tears.

  2. The Embrace: After she said yes, they hugged tightly, a sign of their new life together.

  3. Words of Love: She kept telling Joey how much she loved and appreciated him, really stressing how important this moment was.

  4. Future Aspirations: Kelsey was eager to start planning their future, talking about their dreams and what they want to do together.


Joey Graziadei’s adventure on Season 28 of The Bachelor ended with him proposing to Kelsey Anderson. It was a big moment for both of them. The final episode showed Joey’s choice and the real feelings that grew during the show. When Kelsey said yes, they started a new chapter together, full of hope and plans. As they get ready to face life as a couple, their story shows that true love can happen even on a reality TV show, proving that real emotions can shine through even when the cameras are rolling.

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