Tawang Travel Attractions and Best Time to Visit Tawang

Are you planning a tour? Want to take a break from this blood-sucking tiring year? Looking for places enrich with natural landscapes, lakes, and colorful architecture? This world is full of options, but they can get costly sometimes. Let me pop the happy bubble here, and you are at the right place, Tawang has the answer to your questions.

Tawang has got it all in one, beauty, peace, and budget-friendly. You might have to loosen up your wallet a bit, but not too much. I can assure you–you will never regret your decision!

Tawang Travel Attractions and Best Time to Visit Tawang

1-Sela Pass

Sela Pass always comes first whenever Tawang travel attractions are mentioned. It is the most frequently visited place by tourists. It is also home to Sela Lake situated at an altitude of 4170 meters. It also has the geometrical importance of being the only gateway to Arunachal Pradesh.

Winter or Summer, it is always covered with a snow blanket. It is better to visit this pass during Summer as most of the areas are blocked during winter due to heavy snowfall.

Best Time to Visit: March-May, October-November.

2- Panjang Teng Tso Lake

Only visit this lake if you are ready to get awestruck by the mesmerizing view. No wonder it is one of the most exotic places in India. It is also known as Paso Lake. It is located on a motorable road that connects Bumla Pass with Tawang.

The major tourist destination, Paso lake is encircled by chirping birds, calm water, cotton-like clouds towering you, forests wearing a blanket of snow. It freezes during winter and serves as a skiing ground for tourists and even locals. If you prefer colorful sight, visit it during summer when enriched with fresh air, calmness, and surrounded by rhododendron flowers, what a beauty!

Best Time to Visit: April-October.

3- Thingbu Hot Spring

Going to Tawang and thinking about skipping this place just because of the distance? Well then, let me warn you, you will be missing an exotic experience. It takes approximately three and a half an hour to reach the hot spring.

Just get into your vehicle a bit earlier and enjoy the warm Sulphur boosted water known for its skin aliment healing ability. What more can a person ask for when you are getting cure, peace, and stunning beauty –all at the same time, that too for free!

Best Time to Visit: November-March.

4- Tawang Monastery

For the people thirsty for colorful historic architectural art, this destination is mandatory to visit. The ambiance is magnificent of this one of the biggest monasteries of India. The natural lighting and inner peace this place offers are undeniably needed for people habitual of the hustle-bustle life of heavenly populated cities.

The best part is –you can also stay there for a few days. Believe it, or not this monastery has got the honorable credit of being approximately 300+ years old. It has about 400 lamas and numerous Buddhist arts, as well as plenty of Buddhist stories, unfolded with illustrations. Just the sound of it is enough to convince anyone to travel there at least once. The divine and positive aura of this monastery cleanse the soul.

Best Time to Visit: March-June, September, and October.

5- Nuranang Falls

Ever heard all those braggings of the stunning beauty of this fall? They are not exaggerated, the beautiful and powerful water flowing from a great height, the sound of water flowing sounds melodious to ear, with greenery surrounding you.

If the luck is on your side, a gorgeous rainbow might add stars to the charms of Nuranang falls. It is advised to take some food with you as there are no restaurants or shops near it, except for a vendor. Also, the flow of water is not much powerful around March, better go there after June. It is a little far from the parking, so you would have to walk a bit, but it is all worth it for a Beaty like this one.

Best Time to Visit: July-November.

6- Gorichen Peak

The serenity offered by this peak is indescribable. This peak has a height of 22,500 feet, taking the privilege of being the highest peak of Arunachal Pradesh, touching the border with China. This peak stays snow-capped throughout the year.

It has sacred value for the Monpa tribe as they believe it is the house of their holy being. The distance between Gorichen Peak and Nuranang is only 26 km. It is advised to visit this peak from April to October. An excellent spot for adventure junkies. The breathtaking view from the summit is to die for!

Best Time to Visit: April-June, September-October.

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