Who Is Nate Bargatze’s Wife? Everything You Need to Know

  • Laura Bargatze met her husband Nate while they both worked at an Applebee’s in Tennessee. They got married in 2006.
  • Laura also produces Nate’s podcast, The Nateland Podcast, and helps develop ideas for the show.
  • She’s been a big support for Nate in his career. She even encouraged him to move to Chicago to get better at comedy.
  • Laura often goes with Nate to big events. They went to the Grammy Awards in 2022 and the CMA Awards in 2023 together.

Nate Bargatze, a celebrated comedian, often credits his wife, Laura Bargatze, for much of his success. Laura has been a crucial part of his life and career since they married in 2006. She not only supports him personally but also plays a vital role in his professional life. Starting as his cheerleader, she now helps manage his career.

Laura’s influence is significant, but it’s interesting to consider how she juggles her own dreams with her commitments to Nate. This aspect of their relationship is quite fascinating and deserves a deeper look into how she contributes to Nate’s ongoing success.

Who is Laura Bargatze?

Laura Bargatze

Laura Bargatze is an important person in comedian Nate Bargatze’s life. They met while working at Applebee’s in Tennessee. Laura has always supported Nate as he worked to become a successful stand-up comedian. They got married in 2006. Laura is also a mom to their daughter, Harper. Her support has really helped Nate in his career.

Met Nate while working at Applebee’s

Laura met her future husband, Nate Bargatze, while they were both working at Applebee’s in Tennessee. Their relationship started there and grew as they supported each other through various challenges.

Supportive of Nate’s comedy ambitions

Nate's comedy

Laura has always been there for Nate, especially when he decided to chase his dream of becoming a stand-up comedian. When they first got together, she encouraged him to move from Tennessee to Chicago to get better at his craft. Her support was crucial in the early days when things were uncertain.

She gave him the emotional support he needed to keep pushing forward. Believing in him boosted his confidence and really helped shape his career. As Nate started performing in bigger venues, Laura’s support never wavered. It’s a big part of why he’s succeeded in the comedy scene. She continues to be a key part of his success.

Married since 2006

Nate and Laura Bargatze have been married since 2006. They first met while working at an Applebee’s in Tennessee. This common ground helped them build a strong relationship, which has been crucial as Nate’s comedy career took off.

Laura is more than just his wife; she’s also involved in his work, even producing his podcast, The Nateland Podcast. They got married on a Friday the 13th, choosing a day that reflects their unique take on life and love.

Mother to their daughter, Harper

Nate's Daughter Harper

Laura Bargatze balances being a producer and talent manager with being a mom to her daughter, Harper. She’s deeply involved in Harper’s growth, a theme often reflected in her husband Nate’s comedy, emphasizing their family-focused lifestyle.

Laura’s Involvement in Nate’s Career

Jokes about her in his stand-up routines

Nate Bargatze often talks about his wife, Laura, in his comedy shows. He shares funny stories from their life together, focusing on the small mix-ups and daily routines that many find familiar. His audiences really connect with these stories, seeing parts of their own relationships in them. Laura takes it all in stride, which not only shows how important she is at home but also in Nate’s career.

Attended 2022 Grammy and 2023 CMA Awards with Nate

In 2022, Laura Bargatze went with her husband, Nate, to the 64th Annual Grammy Awards. Nate’s album was up for Best Comedy Album. Laura’s always there for these big moments, showing how important she is to Nate’s work. They also attended the 2023 CMA Awards together, keeping up their strong connection to the entertainment world.

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Reflecting on their journey, Laura Bargatze has been crucial in Nate’s life and career. She does more than just support Nate personally; she also manages and produces projects like The Nateland Podcast. Laura’s influence makes Nate’s comedy deeper and more relatable. Nate and Laura Bargatze show how personal support and professional teamwork can make a story inspiring and admirable.

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