The Most Common Zodiac Sign Of Serial Killers | According To A TikTok Research!

  • Scorpio, Pisces, and Cancer are often mentioned in connection with serial killers.
  • It’s common to find water signs like Scorpio and Pisces among serial killers.
  • Scorpio’s traits of intensity and secrecy often match those seen in serial killers.
  • Pisces are deeply emotional, and sometimes, these emotions can take a dark turn, as seen in some serial killers.

Looking at zodiac signs and their link to criminal behaviour, especially in serial killers, often points to Scorpio as a common sign. Scorpios are known for being intense, secretive, and sometimes, having a dark side. Yet, it’s important to examine this idea critically. We need to consider the bigger picture, including psychological and environmental factors that contribute to such extreme behaviours.

Which Zodiac Signs Are Most Common Among Serial Killers?

When looking at which zodiac signs appear most among serial killers, Scorpio, Pisces, Gemini, Sagittarius, and Libra stand out. It seems these signs are more common in people who have committed multiple murders.

This gives us an interesting angle on how astrology might affect criminal behaviour. By looking at this link, we can better understand how someone’s zodiac sign might influence their actions, especially extreme ones.



Scorpio often comes up when people talk about zodiac signs linked to serial killers. This sign is known for being intense and secretive, traits that are also common in many serial killers’ psychological profiles. Research suggests that water signs like Scorpio are found more often among serial killers. While Scorpios are usually deep thinkers and very emotional, in rare cases, these traits can lead to harmful behaviours. This connection shows Scorpios’s more complex and darker aspects, but remember, it’s only valid for a few extreme cases.



Pisces are known for their empathy and intuition. Surprisingly, they also show up often among serial killers. This water sign is deep and sensitive, yet it appears in many criminal records.

Studies show that Pisces,cer, and Scorpio are the zodiac signs most linked to serial killers. Take John Wayne Gacy as an example. He seemed like an ordinary person, but he had a dark side, which Pisces is known for. This might show how their deep emotions sometimes turn negative.



Despite being one of the rarer zodiac signs among serial killers, Geminis like Jeffrey Dahmer and the Son of Sam show us a darker side. Geminis are known for being adaptable and good communicators, but these traits can also turn into manipulation and charm in the wrong hands.

Even though there aren’t as many Gemini serial killers, their stories are still striking. This tells us that we shouldn’t underestimate the influence of zodiac signs on criminal acts.



Let’s talk about Sagittarius and its surprising link to serial killers.

It turns out a lot of famous criminals were Sagittarians. Take Ted Bundy, for example. He was a Sagittarius, and his story shows how traits like boldness and impulsiveness can turn dark.

It’s interesting to think about how someone’s zodiac sign might influence their behaviour, even in extreme cases like this.

Is There A Connection Between Zodiac Signs And Serial Killers?

Zodiac Signs And Serial Killers

It’s interesting to consider whether there’s a link between zodiac signs and serial killers. People often point out that these traits match the astrological profiles of sure zodiac signs. Scorpio, for instance, is known for being intense and sometimes going to extremes. Capricorn is often seen as disciplined but can be pretty ruthless.

But we should be careful with this kind of thinking. There’s no solid scientific proof linking zodiac signs to such extreme behaviours. It may be a coincidence. So, staying sceptical and not jumping to conclusions based on someone’s zodiac sign is good.

Lack of empathy

Serial killers often show no empathy, which means they don’t feel for their victims. This lack of feeling is critical to understanding why they do such terrible things. They just can’t connect with others emotionally. Without empathy, they don’t feel guilty for their actions like most people would.

While some might find it interesting to link zodiac signs to personality traits, there’s no actual proof that star signs can predict a lack of empathy in serial killers. Instead, it’s conditions like sociopathy and psychopathy that are more connected to this lack of empathy. These psychological issues explain their behaviour better than astrology.

Manipulative behaviour

Many serial killers manipulate others, which makes us wonder if there’s a link to their zodiac signs. They use manipulation to control their victims and appear normal in everyday life. Looking at their astrological signs might shed some light on their behaviours.

  • Scorpio: They’re often very charismatic, which they could use to their advantage.

  • Gemini: They have a way of showing two sides, which might help them trick people.

  • Pisces: They might use their caring nature to manipulate others emotionally.

  • Virgo: Their need for everything to be just right could lead them to manipulate situations to their benefit.

We’re trying to see if these zodiac traits line up with the manipulative ways we see in serial killers.

Tendency towards violence

When looking at the connection between zodiac signs and serial killers, it seems some signs might be more prone to violence. For instance, Scorpios, who are intense, and Sagittarians, known for being impulsive, show up more often among serial killers.


However, it’s crucial to remember that astrology doesn’t cause criminal behaviour. However, we notice patterns that could help us grasp the psychological traits that influence such severe actions. These patterns in zodiac signs are fascinating and can add to our tools for profiling criminals, but they are just one piece of the puzzle.

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