Which Nation Gets the Most Unnecessary Hate on Internet? Reddit Responds

A recent survey on Reddit asked users, “Which nation gets the most unnecessary hate in your opinion?” With 2.8K total votes, the results sparked a lively discussion. Here’s a look at the votes and what some users had to say.

Which nation gets the most unnecessary hate in your opinion?
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The Survey Results

Here are the votes:

France got the most votes, but users had a lot to say about other countries too.

What Redditors Said

RainbowGames said, “As someone who loves hating on the French, I gotta say, they don’t really deserve it.” This kicked off a talk about why some countries get so much hate.

fullmetalalchymist9 said, “Nation? France. Nation’s people? Probably Russia or India.”

HollowB0i added, “Indians get so much hate for just existing, man. It feels like racism towards South Asians is more acceptable than racism towards Black people.”

Talking About France

Several users talked about France. SheriffStealth said, “France (I think mostly its government?) deserves some of the hate it gets, but hating France seems to be a trend on the internet.”

lazypika said, “When my Nan went to France, she found that Parisians often seemed snooty, but people from other parts of France were nicer. Maybe that’s where some of the hate comes from—tourists visit Paris and not the rest of the country.” They also joked, “The hate on France is just British propaganda, like the hate on the UK is American propaganda and the hate on the USA is European propaganda.”

India and Stereotypes

Several users pointed out unfair treatment of Indians. MozartWasARed said, “Many people’s only image of India is people who call about your car warranty, and there’s a hatred forming around that. Seriously, there are worse reasons to hate people.”

ajayswagg12 shared, “Without a doubt, India. Every post about India has that racist guy who thinks he’s cool. There are always 10k likes next to it. It doesn’t even have to be about India; an Indian person can post something innocent, and racist people will flood the comments.” They added, “If you’re an Indian reading this, I’m sorry on behalf of the Westerners for those comments.”


The Reddit survey showed that some countries get more hate than others, often based on stereotypes. France, the USA, and India topped the list, but the comments showed a more complex picture of why certain countries are viewed negatively.

These insights remind us to look beyond stereotypes and understand people from different nations. As RainbowGames said, “they don’t really deserve it,” a sentiment that applies to many nations unfairly judged.

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