Which Country Should Lead the World? Latest Survey Results

Recently, Reddit users voted on which country they think could best lead the world. The choices were America, China, Russia, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and India.

What country would you choose to run the world?
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Out of 2,400 votes, Sweden came out on top with about 1,300 votes. America followed with 595, the United Kingdom with 298, China with 96, India with 74, and Russia with just 42.

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User Opinions/Comments

The discussion wasn’t just about counting votes. It sparked a range of thoughts on who should lead globally. KronosRingsSuckAss, despite not liking Sweden due to being from Finland, admitted that Sweden seems to have things more under control than the other nations.

Another commenter, FR_WST, brought up Germany with a bit of humor, noting that past attempts at leadership didn’t end well.

ChiaraStellata, who voted for Sweden, said that while they supported Swedish leadership, they hoped that Swedish leaders would recognize the need for local governance. They pointed out that the same rules shouldn’t apply everywhere because every area of the world is different.

Some users doubted the idea of any one country in charge. UltimateShame said we shouldn’t have a single nation leading the world. Marfy_ criticized the choices as some of the worst possible.

BadJunket preferred Sweden from the list but mentioned Singapore as another good option, even though it wasn’t included in the poll.


This poll and the comments it generated show that while people like the idea of Sweden’s approach, many agree that understanding and respecting local differences is key to any leadership role on a global scale.

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