If You Could See A Number Over Everyone’s Head – What Would You Like To See? Survey Results

What if you could see a number above everyone’s head that revealed something important about them? Over 1,400 Reddit users were drawn to this thought-provoking question in a recent poll, diving into our collective curiosity and concerns about the people around us.

If you could see a number over everyone’s head, what would you see?
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The Choices:

choices in the survey

Survey Results

  1. How much they like you (526 votes): This was the most popular choice, showing our eagerness to understand how others feel about us.
  2. How many days they have left to live (105 votes): A darker curiosity, reflecting our sometimes-morbid fascination with mortality.
  3. How many lies they have told (81 votes): This choice targets our desire for truth and transparency.
  4. How likely they are to harm you (393 votes): A significant number of people chose this, underscoring a fundamental concern for personal safety.
  5. How high their IQ is (65 votes): The least favored option, suggesting a lesser concern for gauging intelligence.
  6. I choose blissful ignorance (225 votes): Many opted for peace over knowledge, preferring to enjoy life’s mysteries as they unfold.

Voices from the Survey:

The poll sparked lively discussions, with participants sharing how each option could impact their lives:

  • Dogmeat116 on liking: “Imagine a friend you have a crush on, who has a very high like score over their head. So you ask them out and see the number instantly drop to zero.” A funny yet stark reminder of the emotional risks involved.
  • Candy_Stars on harm: “You’d always know when you should get away from someone just by looking above their head and could avoid ever getting murdered, raped, or mugged.” Highlighting the practical safety benefits of such knowledge.
  • Betaaaaaaaaaaaaaa on lies: “It could actually function as some of the other options; you would just ask the person and see if they lie or tell the truth as the number above their head increases.” This reflects a clever approach to using the lie tally to force honesty.
  • uCactus on choosing ignorance: “I actually don’t want to know, I would obsess over it every time it increased/decreased… Assuming it’s inevitable and doesn’t change, I wouldn’t be able to do a thing, but at least it gives me some time to mourn or savor the rest of our time.” Expressing the emotional burden that such knowledge could bring.

A Closer Look at Ourselves

This Reddit poll is more than just a game of hypotheticals—it’s a mirror reflecting our personal values, fears, and the complexities of our relationships. Each choice and the discussions they sparked help us understand not just individual preferences, but also how we as a society think about trust, safety, and our interactions with others.

As we navigate through life, understanding these dynamics can offer us insights into not only how we relate to others, but also how we manage our own emotions and expectations. Whether seeking truth, safety, or simplicity, this poll reveals the depth of our desire to know—or not know—the secrets lying just above the heads of those we meet.

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