Which Profession Would Get You Least Respect? Our Survey Finds Out!

In our recent survey on Reddit, we asked people to vote for the job they respect the least out of six options: politician, lobbyist, landlord, paparazzi, police officer, and tax/debt collector.

Which of the Following Jobs do You Respect the LEAST?
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The results were clear – paparazzi topped the list with 1389 votes out of 3056 total, more than double the second-place lobbyists.

User Opinions/Comments

Commenting on the survey, user The_Stagnant_Lurker said they refused to even see paparazzi as a real job, stating “They are the only one on this list that doesn’t benefit anyone in any way.LordMaximus64 agreed, saying there may be some respectable people in the other jobs listed, but not paparazzi.

On the other end, tax/debt collectors were the most respected profession with only 115 votes against them. As Orangutanion pointed out, “I like how tax collector is the most respected out of all these.

Several users acknowledged that most of the jobs could have some good, hard-working people, except paparazzi. Magic8ballzz said “There are people who work as most of these professions who are actually effective, responsible and care about what they were hired to do and are a benefit to society as a whole. The one exception is paparazzi.

Vedertesu voted for paparazzi too, commenting “I voted paparazzis, as that’s basically just being a piece of shit.

The results sparked discussion on the ethics of jobs like politicians and lobbyists. Rat4204 said “Don’t get me wrong, Lobbyist’s are evil. But at the end of the day they’re just trying to get their way and are good at it. They’re just doing their job. Politicians are SUPPOSED to not be influenced by people like lobbyists but so often so easily are, and that’s why they get my vote for least respected.


While just an informal poll, the paparazzi emerged as a clear punching bag for Reddit, seen as providing no societal benefit. The comments highlighted some nuance in how different professions are viewed by the public.

What are your thoughts on this survey? Do you agree with the results? Let us know in the comments section below.

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