Who Is Lala Kent’s Second Baby Father: The Truth Revealed

  • Lala Kent decided to use a sperm donor for her second child, choosing one from California Cryobank.
  • Randall Emmett is not the father of Lala’s second child.
  • She wanted more control and stability when it came to raising her child, which led her to use a donor.
  • Lala took her time picking a donor, making sure they matched her family’s look.
  • By choosing this route, Lala is stepping towards independence and ensuring a stable, loving home for her kids.

Lala Kent, once known for her role on Vanderpump Rules, is now making headlines as a single mom. On March 3, she shared news of her second pregnancy, capturing a lot of attention. Lala often talks openly about her life on Instagram and on the show Watch What Happens Live.

As she goes through a public custody battle with her ex, Randall Emmett, it makes us think about how celebrities’ decisions influence what we think about parenting. What does this tell us about how views on raising children are changing? How do people feel about these choices?

Who Is Lala Kent’s Baby’s Father for Baby No. 2?

Lala Kent is having her second baby, and this time, she’s using a sperm donor. Unlike with her first child, where she was with her ex-partner Randall Emmett, she chose a donor from California Cryobank for this pregnancy.

Randall Emmett

Randall Emmett

Randall Emmett is not the father of Lala Kent’s second child. Lala and Randall Emmett split in 2021 after she accused him of cheating. Since then, Lala has been making her own decisions about her family. She decided to use a sperm donor to have more control over raising her child. This move shows she wants to provide a stable, healthy environment for her kids without depending on a partner.

Use of a sperm donor

Lala chose to use a sperm donor from the California Cryobank for her second pregnancy. Lala’s decision was driven by her wish to have full control over raising her child without the complexities of a partner relationship. She’s focused on creating a stable, loving environment with her mother and daughter. This move underscores Lala’s independence and her dedication to her children’s best interests.

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The Truth Revealed about Lala Kent’s Baby Father

Custody battle with Randall

Lala Kent's Baby Father

Lala Kent and her ex, Randall, have been in a tough custody fight for their daughter, Ocean. Since they split up, co-parenting has been rough. They mostly talk through lawyers and mediators to keep things cool.

Despite all the ups and downs, Lala is focused on keeping things stable and loving for Ocean. She’s taken on most of the parenting duties, wanting to make sure her daughter has consistency despite the ongoing issues.

Support network for her second child

Lala Kent’s second child has a strong support network made up of family and friends. Lala strongly believes in the idea of a supportive ‘pod’ rather than sticking to the old-school nuclear family setup.

Her mom plays a big role in helping raise and care for the new baby, creating a loving and stable environment. This group of loved ones ensures the child will always be surrounded by affection and support, even without a traditional father figure in the picture.

Controversy and reactions to her pregnancy announcement

pregnancy announcement lala kent

After Lala Kent announced her second pregnancy, people had mixed feelings. Some praised her for using a sperm donor and choosing intrauterine insemination (IUI), calling it bold and empowering. Others worried about the child growing up without a traditional father figure, wondering about possible emotional or social issues.


Lala Kent has chosen to use a sperm donor from California Cryobank for her second child. This decision is a big step for her, especially as she navigates co-parenting with Randall Emmett. By choosing a donor, she’s taking control of her family planning. This move not only highlights her desire for a stable and loving environment for her kids but also reflects larger changes in society. More people are embracing various family forms, focusing on personal choice and children’s needs.

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