Jamal Murray Girlfriend: Uncovering The Relationship With Harper Hempel

Finding out about Jamal Murray’s girlfriend has become a hot topic for many fans. Harper Hempel is not just the significant other of an NBA star but also a talented individual in her own right. This article will explore the details of their relationship, from its beginnings to current status. Get ready to know it all!

Who is Harper Hempel?

Harper Hempel is Jamal Murray’s girlfriend with a fascinating background. She has a degree in Marketing and Digital Media from the University of Kentucky. Not just smart, she also shined as a Division 1 athlete in volleyball during her college years.

Alongside sports, Harper runs her own photography company right in Kentucky, showcasing her talent behind the camera. Her skills don’t end there; she is also known for her expertise as a marketing and social media consultant working with brands across the US.

From courts to cameras, Harper Hempel captures it all.

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend and relationship status

Jamal Murray’s girlfriend is Harper Hempel. They became a couple back in their college days at the University of Kentucky. Their love has stood strong through good and bad times, facing the public eye together.

Jamal and Harper have shown that they are more than just a dating couple; they share a deep connection that has lasted for years.

Now, let’s get to know Harper Hempel a bit better.

Harper Hempel’s Background

Age, net worth, and height

Let’s take a closer look at Harper Hempel, focusing on her age, net worth, and height. These details shed light on who she is beyond being known as Jamal Murray’s girlfriend.

Attribute Details
Age 25 years old
Net Worth USD 1 million
Height 5 feet 8 inches

This summary gives us insight into Hempel’s personal achievements and physical stature, painting a fuller picture of her identity.

Professions: volleyball player, social media manager, and photographer

Moving from knowing Harper Hempel’s age, net worth, and height, let’s explore her diverse career path. She’s not just the girlfriend of Jamal Murray; she holds impressive titles herself.

  1. Volleyball Player: Harper Hempel made a name as a former Division 1 volleyball athlete. This shows her dedication and talent in sports. Playing at such a high level demands hard work, teamwork, and persistence.
  2. Social Media Manager: Beyond the court, Harper dives into the digital marketing world. She uses her skills to help brands stand out online. With expertise in marketing and social media consulting, she works with various US-based brands to improve their presence on the internet.
  3. Photographer: Owning a photography company in Kentucky adds to Harper’s impressive portfolio. Here, she captures moments through her lens for clients. Her work goes beyond just taking photos; it involves creativity, an eye for detail, and passion for storytelling through images.

Harper Hempel excels in sports, digital branding, and arts—showing her versatility and drive across different fields.

Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel’s Relationship

Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel found love in college, facing ups and downs together. Keep reading to learn more about their journey.

Meeting in college

Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray found each other’s hearts during their college days at the University of Kentucky back in 2015. Their romance began amidst studies and basketball games, where Murray was making a name for himself on the court.

Harper, studying Marketing and Digital Media, supported him from the stands and beyond. This was where companionship turned into a deeper bond, setting the foundation for their relationship.

Their time at university not only saw them chasing academic goals but also exploring life together as partners. Both were students navigating through exams, enjoying college events, and building a connection that went beyond mere affection.

This period laid down the tracks for what would become a committed partnership between two individuals from different backgrounds united by love and mutual respect in Lexington’s vibrant campus setting.

Controversy surrounding leaked explicit video

In 2020, a private video of Harper Hempel and Jamal Murray went viral after being shared on Jamal’s Instagram. This caused a big stir online. Jamal said someone hacked his account to post the video.

People had different thoughts about this excuse.

This incident made many people talk about privacy on social media. Next up, let’s see how this situation impacted their relationship and how Hempel stood by Murray.

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Murray’s Instagram Hack

Jamal Murray’s Instagram was hacked, causing a big problem for him and Harper Hempel. This tough time showed how much they support each other. Want to find out more? Keep reading.

How it affected their relationship

The hack on Murray’s Instagram was a big shock. It put Harper and Jamal in the middle of a huge privacy breach. Suddenly, they had to deal with rumors and people talking all over social media.

They chose to step back from social media for a while. This move showed they wanted to handle things privately, away from public eyes.

Despite everything, their commitment didn’t waver. Even with the public scrutiny and breakup speculations swirling around, Harper stood by Jamal. Her support during such a tough time proved how strong their bond was. They faced this challenge together, showing real endurance against what could have torn them apart.


Jamal Murray and Harper Hempel started dating back in their college days at the University of Kentucky, marking the beginning of their journey together in 2015. Their relationship has stood strong for seven years.

They focus on building their careers while maintaining a low profile. Both understand the importance of keeping certain things just between them. It’s clear they respect each other’s need for personal space and privacy boundaries.

Setting these limits helps them stay focused on what truly matters—supporting each other off-camera as much as in front it.

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