How many episodes are in The Last Of Us Season 1 (TV Series)?

Are you curious about how many episodes are in Season 1 of “The Last Of Us” TV series? Here’s the answer: there are a total of 9 episodes. This article will break down everything from the release schedule to where you can watch it.

Plus, we’ll dive into what makes this postapocalyptic drama so captivating. Keep reading; it’s worth it!

The Last of Us (TV Series)

“The Last of Us” TV series brings to life a thrilling story, with Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann at the helm. It’s a journey through a post-apocalyptic world, rooted in a video game loved by many.

The Last Of Us (TV Series) Episode Count

Created by Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann

Craig Mazin and Neil Druckmann brought “The Last of Us” to life on TV. This duo mixed their talents to craft a show that stands out. Mazin, known for his work before, teamed up with Druckmann, who was behind the original video game.

Together, they worked on this television adaptation to capture the game’s deep stories and characters.

They talked about exploring more from the universe with potential future adaptations. This could mean bringing stories from the second game into new seasons. Their collaboration marks a significant development in how video games are turned into TV shows.

Fans of the series and newcomers alike watch closely as these co-creators bring “The Last of Us” world off the screen and into our living rooms.

Based on the popular video game series

The Last of Us TV series brings to life the thrilling world of the hit PlayStation game. Fans get to see Pedro Pascal as Joel and Bella Ramsey as Ellie, two survivors making their way through a post-apocalyptic landscape filled with danger.

This video game adaptation has captured audiences’ hearts, showing that stories from games can turn into gripping television.

Its success didn’t go unnoticed—thanks to strong performances and an engaging storyline, it was renewed for a second season quickly after airing. Discussions about taking on the sequel game in future adaptations add to the excitement, promising more adventures in this beloved universe.

The Last Of Us Episode Count

Believed to be the largest television production in Canada

This TV series has made a big splash in Canada’s entertainment world. It’s seen as the biggest show ever made there. That’s right, nothing else filmed in Canada for TV has been this huge before.

Everyone involved pulled out all the stops to make it epic.

Making a show this large wasn’t easy. It took lots of people and plenty of hours to bring everything together. From actors to crew members, they all worked hard in various parts of Canada.

This effort shows just how dynamic and strong the Canadian film industry is today.

Episode Count and Release Schedule

Season 1 of “The Last of Us” TV series was first set for 10 episodes but got trimmed to 9. Mark your calendars – it all starts on March 13, 2023.

Season 1 was initially planned for 10 episodes but was reduced to 9

The Last of Us TV series first planned to have 10 episodes for its debut season. Later, they decided on just 9 episodes. This change meant fans would see less than originally expected but ensured each episode packed a punch.

The creators aimed to keep the story tight and engaging without any fillers.

With nine episodes set, the show had a clear path from start to finish. The final episode will air on Sunday, March 12, 2023. This schedule gave viewers something exciting to look forward to every week.

Now, let’s dive into what each episode offers regarding the story and where you can catch them streaming.

_the last of us season 2 release date

Release date set for March 13, 2023

The TV series “The Last of Us” made a big splash, with plans to start showing on March 13, 2023. Fans have been waiting eagerly for its premiere date. This show is not just any television series; it’s set to break records and leave viewers hooked every Sunday in the US and the following Monday in the UK.

Each of these episodes brings the video game world to life, right into your living room. Mark your calendars because, from March 13 onwards, every week has something special. Don’t miss out on the final episode airing on Sunday, March 12, making it an event you’ll want to watch live or stream as soon as it hits screens.

Season 1 Episodes

Season 1 packs a punch with its episodes, each titled to hint at the journey ahead. You’ll find when they air and where you can watch them, drawing you deeper into this gripping world.

Episode breakdown and titles

The Last of Us TV series brings excitement with its episode lineup. Fans get to dive into a world filled with adventure, heartache, and survival through 9 episodes. Here’s the breakdown:

  1. “When You’re Lost in the Darkness” – This episode kicks things off, introducing viewers to the post-apocalyptic world and the main characters. It airs on the first Sunday.
  2. “Infected” – Episode two ramps up the action, diving deeper into how the infection spreads and impacts society. Viewers catch it on the following Sunday.
  3. “Long Long Time” – Offers a poignant look at love and loss in a world falling apart. This one airs a week after episode two.
  4. “Please Hold My Hand” – The journey continues with challenges that test bonds and wills to survive; fans watch this on another Sunday.
  5. “Endure and Survive” – Midway through the season, hope and despair collide in this powerful episode, which comes out yet another week later.
  6. “Kin” – Explores themes of family dynamics against a backdrop of survival; scheduled for broadcast on the subsequent Sunday.
  7. “Left Behind” (Special episode) – A deep dive into characters’ pasts, giving insights into their motivations; avid watchers tune in for this one a week after “Kin.”
  8. “When We Are In Need” – Tension builds as resources dwindle, making every choice critical; it premieres another week later.
  9. “Look For The Light” – The season finale promises an epic conclusion, bringing hopes, fears, and journeys to a head; it airs on March 12th.

_the last of us season 2 release date

Air dates and where to stream

Moving from the intriguing episode titles and their breakdowns, it’s time to dive into when you can catch these episodes and where to stream them. This part is vital for fans eager to follow every twist and turn.

  • HBO airs the show in the USA every Sunday. This makes it easy for American fans to mark their calendars.
  • In the UK, fresh episodes light up Sky Atlantic screens every Monday. Fans have two chances to watch: either at 2 am GMT for the live US airing experience or at 9 pm for a more convenient repeat viewing.
  • For those who prefer streaming, HBO Max is your go-to platform in the USA. Just make sure your subscription is active!
  • UK viewers looking to stream can rely on NOW TV. It offers flexibility by allowing streaming shortly after the live broadcast.

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Critic and Audience Reception

People love this show, and critics agree. It’s getting great reviews and tons of buzz online.

Early reviews and ratings

Critics and audiences got their first look at “The Last of Us,” and they liked what they saw. NME gave the series a glowing review, handing out four stars. They praised its quality, even though it brought nothing new to the table.

This early feedback showed that both viewers and critics were excited about the show from the start.

The critical reception set high expectations for future episodes. Viewers’ ratings followed suit, with many agreeing that the series lived up to its video game origins. Everyone seemed eager to see how the season would unfold, proving that early impressions can be quite powerful.

The last of us season

Awards and nominations

Given the series’s recent debut, “The Last of Us” TV series has not yet bagged any awards or nominations. However, the buzz surrounding the show suggests a promising future in this arena. Below is an overview of its potential in terms of accolades:

Award Category Nomination Status
Best Drama Series Pending
Best Actor/Actress Pending
Outstanding Writing Pending
Outstanding Special Effects Pending
Best Original Soundtrack Pending


The anticipation for the series to rake in numerous awards is high, given its groundbreaking narrative and execution. Fans and critics alike are on the lookout for its triumphant march through the award season. Stay tuned as we continue to track its journey through accolades and commendations.

Fan excitement and reactions

Fans of “The Last of Us” TV series are over the moon. They took to social media to share their joy and feedback after each episode aired on HBO and Sky Atlantic. Many praised the show for staying true to the beloved video game, calling it a win for both long-time fans and newcomers.

Viewer reception was overwhelmingly positive, with people eagerly discussing plot twists, character development, and emotional moments online. This buzz helped fuel anticipation for what’s next.

Critics also shared their thoughts, blending into the sea of praise from audiences worldwide.


The Last of Us TV series brings a gripping tale to screens with 9 episodes in season 1. Each Sunday, viewers dive into a postapocalyptic drama filled with suspense and action. With Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey leading the cast, the story captures hearts and keeps fans eager for more.

Already renewed for a second season, this show promises even greater adventures ahead. It’s clear – The Last of Us is not just a game anymore; it’s a must-watch TV event.

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