The Truth: Who Is Jess Hilarious’ Baby Father?

Jess Hilarious, a famous comedian and radio host, recently announced her second pregnancy. She shared that her boyfriend Chris was her father during her time as a co-host on The Breakfast Club radio show.

Jess first became famous through her funny videos online and has successfully transitioned to mainstream media. Her personal life, including being a mother and partner, often blends with her work life, making her relatable to her audience. This pregnancy announcement is a big moment for Jess as she prepares to grow her family.

Who is Jess Hilarious’ Baby Daddy?

Jess Hilarious, a well-known comedian, has a son named Ashton with her ex, Gerome. They used to be together, but now they focus on being good parents to Ashton. They talk about their co-parenting on a podcast and other places, showing how they keep things positive for their son even though they’re not a couple anymore.

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Gerome, who goes by @romiie.j_ on Instagram, is Jess Hilarious’s son Ashton’s dad. He’s got over 106,000 followers on social media. Beyond his online activities, he plays a significant role in raising Ashton with Jess.

Together, they host a YouTube show called ‘Co-Parenting Therapy With Jess and Rome.’ On the show, they talk about how they handle raising Ashton after their split. They keep things honest and straightforward, which helps other parents in similar situations.

Jess Hilarious’ Pregnancy Announcement

Jess Hilarious has some big news – she’s pregnant again! She shared this during her time on The Breakfast Club. Jess will have another baby, this time with her boyfriend, Chris. She already has a son named Ashton from before. Jess is excited about growing her family.

Expecting second child with boyfriend, Chris

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Jess Hilarious shared that she’s pregnant again, and her boyfriend Chris is the dad. She dropped the news while co-hosting The Breakfast Club, a gig she got after her comedy took off on social media. Three months along, Jess is excited about adding to her family. Chris has been there for her all the way.

This is a big deal for Jess personally since she’s already raising her son, Ashton, with her ex, Gerome. Chris has become a big part of her family life, joining in on holidays and memorable moments, something Jess has shown on her social media since mid-2023.

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Uncovering the Truth: Speculations and Controversies Surrounding Jess Hilarious’ Baby Father

With Jess Hilarious announcing her second pregnancy, there’s a lot of chatter about Chris, the baby’s father. People are interested since Chris just popped up when Jess shared her pregnancy news. Fans and the press are all asking why Chris is suddenly so visible in Jess’s life right when she’s expecting. People also discuss Chris’s previous relationships and wonder if he’s ready to be a dad. On social media, it’s a mix. Some people are cheering them on, but not everyone is convinced. Paparazzi are all over this, trying to dig up more about Chris’s life.


Jess Hilarious’ life captures a lot of attention, both as a comedian and as a mom. Now that everyone knows about her relationship with Chris and their expected child, her personal life is mixing with her growing career.

She’s primarily known for her role on The Breakfast Club. Jess talks openly about sharing parenting duties with Gerome and her life with Chris, which makes her more relatable and loved by her fans. Jess’s ongoing story stands out as she handles her work and motherhood. It shows toughness, humour, and the reality of juggling different roles in life.

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