Here’s What The Original American Chopper Cast Is Doing Now

Since ‘American Chopper’ ended, the original cast members have branched out. They’ve each gone their way, using the fame and skills they got from the show. Some have started new businesses, while others are involved in community projects.

The Cast of American Chopper After the Show Ended

Paul Sr.’s legal troubles with former partner

Paul Sr.'s

Paul Sr. ran into big legal problems when a past business partner sued him. They claimed he committed fraud and mismanaged the company’s money. This lawsuit came after they had worked together successfully for many years. It accused Paul Sr. of not handling the company’s finances well, which caused big financial losses.

The lawsuit became a public spectacle that hurt Paul Sr.’s image and business activities. In court, things got intense with a lot of back-and-forth and digging into the company’s financial actions. This showed some big mistakes in how things were run.

Paul Sr.’s bankruptcy and move to OCC Road House & Museum

Paul Sr. faced some tough financial times and ended up filing for bankruptcy. After that, he took a big step and opened the OCC Road House & Museum in Florida. This new place is a big change for him. It’s not just about building bikes anymore; it’s also about celebrating the history of Orange County Choppers. The museum is filled with cool stuff from the show and doubles as a spot for concerts and events, making it a lively place for the community. It kicked off in 2021, helping Paul Sr. recover after his bankruptcy.

Paul Jr.’s new ventures: Paul Jr. Designs, marriage, book, podcast

After leaving American Chopper, Paul Teutul Jr. started some new projects. He set up Paul Jr. Designs, married Rachael Biester, wrote a book, and started a podcast.

His company focuses on custom bikes and branding, serving bike lovers and businesses. He married Rachael in 2010, and their wedding was on the TV show Say Yes to the Dress. He also wrote The Build: Designing My Life of Choppers, Family, and Faith, where he talks about his life and work. In 2021, he began a podcast, exploring various topics based on his experiences.

Vinnie DiMartino’s shop

Vinnie DiMartino's shop

Vinnie DiMartino, once a key player at Orange County Choppers, started his shop, VForce Customs, where he crafts custom motorcycles. He later broadened his scope to include car projects with DiMartino Motorsports. Vinnie’s commitment to top-notch craftsmanship and fresh designs keeps his customers returning, keeping him well-known in the custom vehicle scene..

Mikey Teutul’s web series

Mikey Teutul's web series

Mikey Teutul has started a web series that takes us into his life after American Chopper. It’s a chance to see how he’s grown and what he’s up to now. This web series is a cool way to keep up with Mikey and see how he’s blending his past with what he’s passionate about today. He’s really into art now. Mikey talks about his ups and downs since the show ended. It’s pretty honest and open. The series showcases his artwork and the exhibitions he’s participated in. Mikey is also spending time helping in the community and getting involved in charity, which is inspiring.

Jason Pohl’s job change to Solidworks

Jason Pohl's job change to Solidworks

Jason Pohl left Orange County Choppers to work with Solidworks as a brand ambassador. Now, he’s all about 3D printing technology. This new role matches his great design skills and interest in the latest digital tools.

At Solidworks, Jason shows engineers, schools, and others how 3D printing can be useful and impressive. He wants to get people excited about what 3D technology can do in different fields, helping to change how we design and make things.

Rick Petko’s job is closer to home and selling custom knives

Rick Petko's job is closer to home and selling custom knives

Rick Petko started his shop nearby after leaving Orange County Choppers in 2016. Now, he makes custom knives and wedding bands. This change allows him to pursue his interests and see more of his family. He also uses materials from nearby to ensure the products are top-notch and made responsibly. Rick blends old-school blacksmithing with modern styles.

Cody Connelly’s departure from the bike world

Cody Connelly's departure from the bike world

Cody Connelly left the motorcycle world in 2007, and it really changed his career path. He went from being a well-known bike builder to working at a local utility company. After he left Orange County Choppers, he did a few different things. He first joined V-Force Customs and then worked with Paul Jr. Designs. But he wanted a more stable and quiet life, so he moved on.

Now, Cody uses the skills he learned from building bikes in a different way. He’s helping with important work at the utility company, keeping our community running. It just goes to show that sometimes people from flashy jobs find happiness in more everyday roles.

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Simply put, after ‘American Chopper’ ended, the original cast members took very different career paths. They’ve shown they can handle all sorts of jobs. Some are handling money, others are making custom products, a few are working in their communities, and some are exploring their artistic sides. Their varied careers show they’re tough and continue to make a mark far beyond their TV show days.

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