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Finding out about celebrity relationships can be confusing. Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley had a well-known romance. They met in 1983 and quickly became a media sensation. This article will guide you through their relationship timeline, from meeting to divorce, and how they remain friends today.

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How Did Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel Meet?

The first meeting in 1983

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel first crossed paths in 1983. They were both on vacation in St. Barth’s. To keep their meeting low-key, they used fake names. Christie was “Sandy Shore” and Billy went by “Rocky.” This clever trick helped them enjoy their time together away from the public eye.

The mood was set for romance under the guise of anonymity, marking the beginning of a love story that would capture hearts worldwide.

Brinkley stars in Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video

Brinkley became the star of Billy Joel’s “Uptown Girl” music video, playing a role that captured hearts all over. This wasn’t just another gig for her. The song was inspired by their real-life romance, making her appearance in the video even more special.

Fans got to see a glimpse of their love story through this catchy tune and its visuals.

Billy Joel originally wrote “Uptown Girl” with several girls in mind, but after he started dating Brinkley, she became his sole inspiration. Their relationship added a deeper layer to the song’s meaning and made the music video an iconic piece of pop culture history.

Seeing them together on screen was like watching their personal fairy tale unfold, blending entertainment with a touch of celebrity romance.

The Happy Years: Marriage and Children

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony in 1985, not long after they met. Their love grew even more with the birth of their daughter later that same year, filling their lives with joy and new adventures.

Wedding on March 23, 1985

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley said their vows on a grand yacht in New York Harbor. This special day was March 23, 1985. Their wedding took place with the city’s skyline as a background.

It wasn’t just any boat; it was a big one, 147 feet long. Later that year, they welcomed their daughter Alexa Ray Joel in December.

Their union marked the beginning of family life together. These events brought joy and new roles for them as spouses and parents. The ceremony on the yacht kicked off their journey into matrimony, surrounded by close friends and family.

Birth of daughter in December 1985

In December 1985, Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel welcomed their daughter Alexa Ray Joel. This moment filled their home with immense joy and love, marking a significant milestone in their lives.

Their family expanded, bringing them even closer together.

The birth of our daughter was a joyous milestone that brought immeasurable happiness to our lives.

Separation and Divorce

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s journey together hit a rough patch, leading to their divorce in 1994. Despite this, they stayed friends and kept things positive for their daughter.

Divorce in 1994

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel ended their marriage in 1994. They had been married for nine years. The split happened because Christie wanted to move to the West Coast. She was also unhappy with Billy’s long tours away from home.

Their legal separation was finalized in August 1994, a few months after they separated at Thanksgiving the previous year.

They managed to stay friends even after their marital breakup. This friendly relationship helped them both move on while still caring for their daughter. Keeping things amicable showed how maturely they handled the end of their marriage.

Maintaining a friendly relationship

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley proved that a divorce doesn’t have to end every part of a relationship. They stayed friendly after their split in 1994. This was due to their mutual respect and commitment to co-parenting their daughter well.

They showed everyone that it’s possible to move past hurt feelings and focus on what matters.

Despite our divorce, we’ve remained close, hosting Christmas singalongs together and attending each other’s events, shared Billy Joel about his relationship with Christie Brinkley post-divorce.

Their ability to stay amicable is not just for show; they really care about supporting each other. Over the years, this has meant showing up at important events and even reuniting on stage for special moments.

Their example is a powerful message on maintaining positive relationships even after romantic ones end.

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Latest Updates: From Divorce to Present Time

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley have come a long way since their divorce. Their lives took new paths, with new loves and a surprising reunion on stage, showing us the power of lasting friendship.

Joel’s subsequent marriages

After his divorce from Christie Brinkley, Joel found love again. He married Katie Lee in 2004. Their marriage added to the story of his personal life but ended in separation in 2009.

Not long after, Joel’s heart was captured once more by Alexis Roderick, whom he wed in 2015. These unions shaped new chapters in his marital relationships and reflected changes in his life over time.

Joel and Roderick’s bond has brought further joy into their lives with the birth of children, marking a continuation of the singer’s journey through fatherhood and partnership.

Brinkley’s subsequent relationships

Christie Brinkley didn’t wait long to find love again after her split from Billy Joel. She married Richard Taubman in 1994, showing her belief in second chances at happiness. This marriage, however, was short-lived, leading Christie down the aisle once more with Peter Cook in 1996.

Her romantic journey shows she’s never afraid to open her heart again despite past sorrows.

Throughout these changes, one thing stayed constant: Christie and Billy Joel kept their friendship strong. They attended each other’s life events and showed the world that respect and care can remain even when romance fades.

Their bond proves that relationships can evolve beautifully over time, offering lessons of forgiveness and growth.

Reuniting on stage for a concert in 2014

Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley shared the stage in 2014, showing everyone they still had a strong friendship. This event proved there was no bad blood after their divorce. Brinkley even said she adored Billy but couldn’t live with him any longer.

Their performance together was a hit, reminding fans of their past and how well they moved on while keeping respect for each other.

This onstage reunion helped fans see how positive co-parenting and maintaining friendly ties can work out beautifully after separation. The two have managed to keep admiration and mutual respect alive through the years.

Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel had a nostalgic moment in New York City!

A fan recorded Christie, age 70, dancing to her ex-husband’s song “Uptown Girl” at his concert. The concert took place at Madison Square Garden on Friday, April 26.

In the TikTok video, Christie is seen smiling and dancing with a friend. She appeared on a big screen for everyone at the concert to see. While dancing, she looked up at the stage, probably at Billy Joel, who is 74, as he performed.


Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley’s journey together took us from a sunny beach to heartwarming family moments, then through tough goodbyes. Their tale shows us the ups and downs of life but reminds us that friendship can outlive romance.

From meeting in 1983 to reuniting on stage in 2014, they’ve shared a connection that weathered time. Now, as friends, they prove that some bonds are too strong to break—even by divorce.

This story is not just about love; it’s about enduring friendship and respect between two iconic figures in music and modeling.

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