Who Is David Laid? His Height, Weight & Success Story in 2024

David Laid is a big name in fitness. This guy has turned heads over social media with his impressive body transformation videos.

Picture a young man from Estonia who moved to New Jersey and decided to change his life. That’s David for you.

Through Instagram posts and YouTube videos, David shares his journey from being a skinny teen to becoming a health symbol across social media platforms.

How did David Laid get so big?

David Laid’s Physical Profile

David Laid stands tall as a testament to dedication in the gym. His physical stats, like height and weight, draw eyes and inspire many to hit their fitness goals.

Age and Origin

David Laid was born on January 29, 1998. This makes him 26 years old as of 2024. His journey into the world of bodybuilding and fitness started far from the bustling gyms of America.

Born in Estonia, life took a sharp turn after his father’s tragic accident. At just two years old, David and his family moved to New Jersey, USA. Now an Estonian-American, he is a well-known name in fitness circles.

From a young age in Estonia to gaining internet fame in America, his story crosses borders.

With such an interesting start, it’s no wonder David stands tall not just in height but also as a fitness model and bodybuilder influencing many across the globe.

How much did David laid weight at 17?


Shifting focus from his early days and where he comes from, let’s talk about how tall David Laid is. He stands at 6 feet 2 inches or 188 cm tall. This impressive height was reached after three years of hitting the gym hard, starting when he was just a teenager.

By the age of 17, David had achieved this stature. It’s clear that genetics played a role in his growth spurt, but dedication to workouts and probably attention to sleep quality and nutrition also helped him max out his potential height.

His towering presence has been a huge asset in carving out his niche within the fitness world on social media. Being this tall not only helps him stand out but also showcases the results of his muscle-building efforts better.


David Laid’s weight is around 198 lbs (90 kg), which speaks volumes of his dedication to muscle building.

This wasn’t an overnight success but years of pushing limits in the gym. At 17 years old, after three years of focused effort, he weighed 190 pounds.

His balanced diet played a big part too. Eating right helped him deal with stress and provided the fuel needed for intense exercises. His transformation journey reveals the power behind consistent hard work and a smart approach to fitness.

How strong was David laid at 16?

The Transformation Journey of David Laid

David Laid’s transformation story shows how he changed his body and life, making people want to learn more about his journey.

The Power Behind His Transformation

David Laid found strength in his struggles. Bullying and a diagnosis of scoliosis at 14 pushed him to pick up weightlifting. This choice marked the start of something big. His journey is proof that with hard work and passion, physical limits can be expanded, even for someone battling spine issues.

His rise as a fitness icon was not just luck. Genetics played a role, but David’s relentless drive and dedication to his gym routine sculpted his body into what many admire today – showcasing remarkable dedication similar to other social media personalities like Jeff Seid and Greg Plitt.

Now, let’s see if steroids had any part in this transformation journey.

Steroids, Anyone?

While many marvel at the results of his hard work, questions about steroids often come up. People wonder if these helped him get big and strong. He has kept quiet on this topic. Claims floating around that he did it all without such help.

Yet, no clear answer exists whether he used them or not. This mystery remains part of his journey as a social media personality known for fitness.

David Laid - Biography, Height, Age and Life of Fitness

The Duration of His Transformation

David Laid started his fitness journey at 14 years old due to bullying and a lack of self-confidence. It wasn’t an overnight change but a slow, challenging process filled with ups and downs.

His dedication over the years shaped him into the fitness icon admired by many today. Back then, he faced struggles like anyone else, including dealing with the curvature of his spine which made certain exercises tougher.

He slept less some nights, fueled by a passion to see changes in his physique. Despite these challenges, David never gave up. He watched countless fitness videos, learning and applying new techniques along the way.

This all-natural approach took time but yielded remarkable results that continue to inspire others on their fitness journeys.

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