Bert Kreischer Wife: All About The Woman Behind Him

  • LeeAnn Kreischer, born on August 19, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia, is married to comedian Bert Kreischer.
  • She takes care of Bert’s business, producing his podcast ‘Bertcast,’ which helps make him more popular and his shows more successful.
  • LeeAnn used to act, but now she writes and runs her own podcast called ‘Wife of the Party.’ She talks about family and marriage on it.

LeeAnn Kreischer, from Bowdon, Georgia, is a podcaster, writer, actress, and mom. She comes from a family that’s been on their land since 1840. Her dad fixed cars, and her mom was a model, giving LeeAnn a unique childhood. She started her education in Georgia and later moved to New York City to study acting. This was a big step that led her to Los Angeles. In LA, she switched from acting to writing, starting a new chapter in her career.

Who Is Bert Kreischer’s Wife?

Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer’s wife, LeeAnn Kreischer, is crucial to his comedy career. She shows up in some of his comedy specials and takes care of managing and producing his work, including his podcast ‘Bertcast.’ Her role is essential for Bert’s success, and they work well together, blending their professional and personal lives.

Meet LeeAnn Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer

LeeAnn Kreischer might not be as well-known as her comedian husband, but she’s got her own impressive set of skills. Born on August 19, 1971, in Bowdon, Georgia, LeeAnn started her career in New York City where she studied acting.

Later, she moved to Los Angeles to focus on writing. Over the years, LeeAnn has made a name for herself in the entertainment world. She helped write the teen comedy ‘My Biggest Fan’ and acted in the short film ‘Destiny Stalled. These days, she runs a podcast called ‘Wife of the Party.’ On her show, she talks openly about family and marriage, sharing her own experiences and thoughts.

Her role in Bert’s comedy

LeeAnn Kreischer plays a big role in her husband Bert’s comedy world. She’s not just there for support; she gets involved. LeeAnn appears in his comedy specials and takes on a lot of the production work too. She’s also co-hosting the ‘Bertcast’ podcast with Bert. There, she shares her thoughts and helps run the show, making it more interesting for listeners.

Her work really boosts Bert’s image and his shows, showing she’s crucial to his success. With her background in acting and production, she’s got the skills needed for the job. She’s truly key to making Bert Kreischer a hit in the comedy scene.

Life as the Wife of a Comedian

Bert Kreischer comedian

Balancing family life and comedy

LeeAnn Kreischer juggles family life with the unpredictable schedule of a comedian. Her husband, Bert Kreischer, travels a lot and works odd hours. LeeAnn is the rock at home, keeping everything stable for their daughters, Georgia and Ila. She takes care of the house and supports Bert’s career, showing her dedication to keeping the family together.

Even with the chaos of the entertainment world, LeeAnn’s organization and commitment help the family succeed.

LeeAnn’s podcast, “Wife of the Party”

LeeAnn's podcast, "Wife of the Party"

In her podcast ‘Wife of the Party,’ LeeAnn Kreischer gets real about marriage and family life. She’s married to a comedian, Bert Kreischer, and she talks about what that’s like.

In each episode, she shares the ups and downs of living with Bert’s comedic career. She brings on different guests, like other comedians and their partners, and even relationship experts. This mix helps listeners see all sides of being close to the comedy world.

LeeAnn opens up about managing her own dreams while supporting her husband. It’s a peek into the personal side of showbiz, showing how she keeps everything balanced.

LeeAnn & Bert having fun in the pool


LeeAnn Kreischer plays a key role in the entertainment world, closely involved in her husband Bert Kreischer’s career. She manages, produces, and sometimes acts with him, boosting his comedy while showing off her own skills. LeeAnn and Bert work together well, blending their family and work lives in a way that sets a great example for both their personal and professional communities.

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