The Current Status Of Nicole And Azan: How Are They Doing In 2024

Many fans are curious about the latest on Nicole and Azan. In July 2021, they called it quits after a rocky relationship. This article will give you an update on where they stand in 2024, focusing on their personal growth and current endeavors.

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The Current Status of Nicole and Azan

Nicole and Azan’s love story has seen many ups and downs since they first appeared on our screens. Now, we’re taking a closer look at where they stand in 2024, revealing the current state of their complex relationship.

What Happened to Nicole After the Split with Azan

Moving on from Nicole’s happiness post-split, life took a significant turn. Nicole got back to work at Starbucks and focused on her independence. She devoted herself to being the best mom for May, cherishing their moments together at home.

Eager to build a brighter future, she joined State College of Florida with dreams of entering the Radiology program but shared feelings of loneliness along this new path.

Nicole also embarked on a weight loss journey, letting go of past criticisms about her size from Azan. She found joy in promoting her mother’s Etsy store and stepping into the streaming world via Twitch.

Her love for art blossomed as she shared anime-inspired creations on @alwaysnicoleart, living happily in Bradenton, Florida with May now 9 years old and enjoying time with family.

I’m focusing on me and my daughter’s future.

Nicole’s Life as a Single Mother

Nicole now works at Starbucks again and puts her heart into raising her daughter, May. She makes sure they spend lots of fun times together after school and on weekends. Nicole is also back to school at the State College of Florida.


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She balances work, classes, and being a mom very well. Nicole dreams about giving May a great life while she grows on her own too. Next up, let’s talk about how Nicole handles her career and weight loss journey.

Updates on Nicole and Azan’s Relationship in 2024

Social Media Presence

Nicole has made big changes on social media. She no longer posts about weight loss products or clickbait. Now, her Instagram shines with confidence and positivity. Smiling big in photos, Nicole looks happy and strong.

Let’s move on to what rumors and controversies have been swirling around lately.

Rumors and Controversies

Gossip and drama follow Nicole and Azan after their breakup. People talk a lot about whether they have moved on or still have secret ties. Some say Nicole shows off her new happy life to make Azan jealous.

Others think she might be seeing someone new but keep it quiet to avoid more gossip.

Speculation doesn’t stop there. Fans wonder if the couple will get back together, despite announcing their split in July 2021. Allegations of them secretly meeting up add fuel to the fire, keeping everyone guessing about the true status of their relationship.


Nicole and Azan’s journey has shown us how life can take unexpected turns. From their split to Nicole’s new path, they’ve moved on in different ways. Nicole is focusing on her daughter, career, and health, embracing a brighter future.

As for Azan, details are scarce but it seems he’s also finding his own way post-split. Their story reminds us that change is part of life and that growth often comes from the most challenging times.

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