The Most Common Zodiac Sign Of Serial Killers | According To A TikTok Research!

Unveiling The Most Common Zodiac Sign For Serial Killers

Looking at zodiac signs and their link to criminal behaviour, especially in serial killers, often points to Scorpio as a common sign. Scorpios are known for being intense, secretive, and sometimes, having a dark side. Yet, it’s important to examine this idea critically. We need to consider the bigger picture, including psychological and environmental factors … Read more

Amelia Dimoldenberg’s Dating History – Is She Still Dating Aitch?

Amelia Dimoldenberg, a journalist and comedian, became well-known through her unique way of interviewing celebrities in her web series, ‘Chicken Shop Date.’ Started in 2014, the show places interviews in a simple chicken shop setting, mimicking a date. This unusual setup helps Amelia bring out the real, often funny sides of her guests. She makes … Read more

Why Daniel Caesar’s Cancellation Sparked Controversy in The Black Community

In March 2019, R&B singer Daniel Caesar was heavily criticized for defending YesJulz, a party promoter involved in a racially insensitive issue. He did this during an Instagram Live session, where he also questioned how black people treat white people. This sparked many discussions online and in the media. Caesar’s actions were seen as surprising … Read more