Here’s How To Watch The ‘Star Wars’ Animated Shows In Order

Diving into the Star Wars animated series can be both exciting and daunting. These shows expand the universe and deepen our understanding of key characters and events. You can watch them chronologically, by release, or aligned with the Skywalker Saga. Each method offers a different way to enjoy the stories and animations. Deciding how to start this journey is crucial—it shapes how well you grasp and appreciate the interconnected plots.

The Best Order to Watch the Star Wars Animated Shows

When you dive into the ‘Star Wars’ animated series, you might wonder about the best way to watch them. You’ve got a few options: watch them in chronological order, by release date, or in a way that lines up with the Skywalker saga. Each choice offers a different view and can really change how you take in the stories of the ‘Star’s Wars’ universe.

Let’s break it down, shall we? Watching in chronological order lets you follow the story as it unfolds, step by step. It’s like reading a history book; you see how each event leads to the next.

Watching by release date, on the other hand, lets you experience the shows just as audiences did when they first aired. You get to see how the animation and storytelling evolved over time.

Chronological order

The Star Wars Animated Shows in Chronological order

Watching Star Wars animated shows in the right order can really boost your enjoyment and understanding of the Star Wars world. Let’s start with ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars’ from 2008 to 2020. This show sets up important conflicts and characters that lead to the rise of the Galactic Empire.

Next up is ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch’, which started in 2021 and is still going. It picks up right after The Clone Wars and dives into what happens right after those events.

Then you should watch ‘Star Wars: Rebels’ from 2014 to 2018. This series shows the early stages of the rebellion against the Empire. After that, check out ‘Star Wars: Forces of Destiny’ & ‘Star Wars: Resistance’, and is set just before ‘Tales of the Jedi’ & ‘Visions’.

So, that’s the best order to follow if you want to get the full story right.

Order Show Title Release Year Basic Storyline Continuation in Chronological Order
1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Series) 2008–2020 Follows battles between the Republic and Separatists, featuring Jedi and clone troopers. Shows what happens during the Clone Wars, adding details to the story of the prequel movies.
2 Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2021–present Focuses on a unique group of clone troopers navigating life after the Clone Wars. Picks up after “The Clone Wars,” showing how the clones deal with a new Empire.
3 Star Wars Rebels 2014–2018 A group of rebels fight against the growing Empire. Sets up the story before the original movies, showing how the rebels start fighting the Empire.
4 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny 2017–2018 Short stories about important moments of different characters. Looks at key moments, adding depth to characters across the Star Wars series.
5 Star Wars Resistance 2018–2020 Follows a young pilot spying on the First Order before and during the sequel movies. Connects the old movies to the new ones, showing the rise of the First Order.
6 Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi 2022 Stories about different Jedi from the prequel movies. Explores the lives of some Jedi, giving more background on their decisions and actions.
7 Star Wars: Visions 2021–present Animated short films by different creators, each showing Star Wars in a new way. Adds new, creative stories to the Star Wars universe from around the world.

Release order

Watching the Star Wars animated series in the order they came out shows us how the way of telling stories and the style of animation have changed over time.

The Star Wars Animated Shows in Release order

Order Show Title Release Year
1 Star Wars: The Clone Wars (TV Series) 2008–2020
2 Star Wars Rebels 2014–2018
3 Star Wars: Forces of Destiny 2017–2018
4 Star Wars Resistance 2018–2020
5 Star Wars: The Bad Batch 2021–present
6 Star Wars: Visions 2021–present
7 Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi 2022

Where to Stream the Animated Star Wars Shows?

You can watch all the Star Wars animated series on Disney+. This includes ‘Star Wars: The Clone Wars from 2003 and 2008, ‘Star Wars: Rebels,’ ‘Star Wars: Resistance,’ and ‘Star Wars: The Bad Batch.’ Fans of the classics like ‘Ewoks’ and ‘Droids’ will find those there too. Disney+ makes it easy to access these shows all in one place so that you can dive deep into the Star Wars universe from your couch. They even have the first season of the 2003 Clone Wars series. It’s an excellent spot for both newcomers and die-hard fans.


In conclusion, the animated Star Wars series on Disney+ is vital to understanding the Star Wars universe. These shows dive deep into characters and plots that the movies only hint at. For the whole experience, watch them in the recommended order. It helps you see how everything fits together and highlights the big themes in the story of Star Wars. Whether you’ve loved Star Wars for years or are just starting, these series add a rich and exciting layer to your galaxy exploration.

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