Guide To Watch ‘After’ Movies In Order: Chronological Order & Release Date

The ‘After’ movie series is a poignant journey that intimately follows Tessa and Hardin through their tumultuous relationship. Each movie shows their struggles, misunderstandings, and the profound moments they share. It’s a raw and unfiltered portrayal of young love and its trials. Each sequel weaves a new layer into the story, keeping the emotions raw and the narrative compelling.

What are the After films?

The After films are romantic dramas about Tessa Young and Hardin Scott’s stormy relationship. Inspired by Anna Todd’s popular books, they delve into the ups and downs of young love, trust issues, and growing up.

Tessa starts college with big plans, but meeting the dark and mysterious Hardin changes everything. Their relationship starts hot and heavy, but soon, they face significant challenges that test their feelings and determination. They must figure out if they can stay together despite everything trying to tear them apart.

How to Watch the After Movies in Order

By release date

After Movies in Order

If you want to experience the entire After movie series, you should watch them in the order in which they were released. 

Order Movie Title Release Year
1 After 2019
2 After We Collided 2020
3 After We Fell 2021
4 After Ever Happy 2022
5 After Everything 2023


After Movies in Chronologically Order

To really understand Tessa and Hardin’s relationship, it’s best to watch the ‘After’ movies in the order they were released.

Order Movie Title Description Chronological Order
1 After Tessa meets Hardin at college. He’s moody. She’s studious. They fall in love. Tessa and Hardin’s intense college romance starts.
2 After We Collided Tessa and Hardin face problems. Old secrets come out. Their bond is tested. Tessa and Hardin deal with challenges and secrets.
3 After We Fell Family drama shakes Tessa and Hardin. They try to stay together as life gets hard. Tessa and Hardin face family issues and struggles.
4 After Ever Happy The past haunts them. Tessa and Hardin must decide if their love can last. Tessa and Hardin confront their past and think about their future.
5 After Everything They face their history. Tessa and Hardin want a good future, but problems remain. Tessa and Hardin try to move on despite their past.

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To put it simply, watching the ‘After’ movies in order helps you get the whole story. This way, you see how Tessa and Hardin’s relationship starts rocky and then, over time, how things pan out for them. Each movie adds more to their story, making their emotions and changes more natural for us. This makes the whole experience more enjoyable and complete.

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