When Can We Expect The Return Of ‘1923’ For Season 2?

Waiting for the return of ‘1923’ Season 2 has fans eager and curious. This captivating prequel to the Yellowstone story left audiences on a cliffedge with its season finale. Our article dives into the latest news, giving you insights into what’s next for your favorite Dutton family saga.

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Renewal and Production Status of 1923 Season 2

Fans of the rugged Dutton family saga, brace yourselves—’1923′, the latest ‘Yellowstone’ prequel, is set for another chapter. While anticipation bubbles over, details on when cameras will roll again remain under wraps.

Yet hope lingers in the air as whispers of renewal echo through Hollywood’s grapevine. Stay tuned for that first clapperboard snap—season two is on its way.

Confirmed renewal

1923 is coming back for a second season. The show got the green light to continue the story. Fans of the series can look forward to more episodes since the renewal has been confirmed.

Even though we don’t know when the new season will start playing on TV, everyone is excited.

The team behind 1923 is getting ready to film again soon. This means that new adventures are not too far off. People who like watching this show have good things to wait for in the months ahead!

No official filming start date

Great news: ‘1923’ is coming back for a second season! But fans are eager to know when the cameras will start rolling. So far, there’s no confirmed start date for filming. In the world of TV shows, this isn’t unusual—schedules can be tricky and lots of planning goes into making each episode just right.

Brandon Sklenar’s words have sparked excitement, though. He said the shooting was almost ready to begin. This little hint suggests that work on the new episodes might kick off soon—even if we don’t have an official announcement yet.

Keep an eye out; details about when your favorite characters return to the set could drop at any time!

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Cast Updates for 1923 Season 2

While whispers of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren reprising their rugged roles in the ‘1923 landscape buzz with anticipation, fans also speculate on who might saddle up as potential new faces in the story’s next chapter.

Keep an ear to the ground; casting news is often just over the horizon, promising fresh talent to join this prequel’s powerhouse lineup.

Expected Return of Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren

Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, the main characters from season one, are coming back to “1923.” Fans love these lead actors and are excited to see them again. They play strong parts in this big story.

The show is part of the Yellowstone world, which has lots of fans.

The upcoming season would not be the same without them. Their return means more amazing stories about their lives in the old days. Everyone is waiting to see what happens next with them.

After talking about these returning stars, let’s think about who else might join the cast of 1923 Season 2.

Potential new cast members

Fans of ‘1923’ are eager to find out about new faces joining the show. We can expect updates on potential new cast members soon.

  • Keep an eye on announcements for fresh talent. New actors might join the lineup to bring exciting characters to life.
  • Watch for interviews revealing potential additions. Cast members often share news about who else will be in the series.
  • Look out for buzz on social media. Sometimes, hints about season newcomers pop up there.
  • Pay attention to official releases from the makers of ‘1923.’ They’ll confirm who’s joining Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren.
  • Julia Schlaepfer and Brandon Sklenar could welcome fellow stars on screen. New alliances or foes might appear.
  • Stay tuned to casting calls. These may give clues about the kind of characters being sought for the next season.
  • Check entertainment news regularly. Updates on casting for popular TV shows like ‘1923’ usually make headlines.

Speculations on Plot and Release Date for 1923 Season 2

As whispers and theories swirl around the next chapter of ‘1923,’ fans eagerly anticipate where the Dutton family saga heads next, eyeing potential clues to a release that might grace our screens anytime from late this year to 2024.

With ties anchoring it firmly in the Yellowstone narrative soil, speculation is rife – could we be revisiting an intense fusion of drama and rugged history before we’ve made another trip around the sun?

Ties to Yellowstone franchise

1923 is part of the bigger Yellowstone story. It shows us things that happened before and after the events in Yellowstone. Fans love this because they get to see more about the Dutton family’s past.

The show has big stars like Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren, which makes it exciting.

People watched 1923 a lot when it first came out on Paramount Plus. So many want to know what will happen next with their favorite characters from the Dutton family. The new season might tell us more about how these stories connect to what we see in Yellowstone later on.

This gets viewers really interested in how everything fits together in the whole series!

Potential release in 2024

Fans are buzzing about when they can watch the next chapter of ‘1923.’ There’s talk that it might come out in 2024. The wait feels long, especially after actor Brandon Sklenar hinted they’d start filming soon.

But Hollywood strikes and problems like losing an important place to film have made things a bit slow.

People want to know what will happen next in the show, which is tied to the popular Yellowstone stories. With Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren likely coming back, viewers are eager for more twists and turns from their characters.

Though we don’t know much yet about what’s going to happen, everyone is watching for any little sign or word that might tell us more about this anticipated premiere.


So, everyone’s wondering when the next season of “1923” will start. Get ready, because Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren will be back! We’re looking at a possible late in 2024 before we see them again on our screens.

Big adventures await in this Yellowstone story, so hang tight for more updates! Keep an eye out; news about filming and new faces is coming soon.

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