Is Brandi Passante Currently In A Relationship? Everything We Know!

Finding out if someone is currently in a relationship can be tricky. Brandi Passante, known from “Storage Wars,” has caught our attention in this matter. Our article shares insights on her love life, including the latest updates and past connections.

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Who is Brandi Passante’s new boyfriend?

Brandi Passante is now dating Clifford Beaver. They’ve started a new chapter together after Brandi’s split from Jarrod.

Clifford Beaver

Clifford Beaver is the new man in Brandi Passante’s life. He owns a bar and grill in Lake Forest, California. On social media, Clifford shares posts about his love for Brandi.

He even made a special post to celebrate her birthday. This shows how proud he is of their relationship.

Their romance seems strong as Clifford continues to share their moments online. It makes fans excited to see Brandi happy with someone who values her so much.

Now, let’s talk about what we know about Brandi and Clifford’s relationship.

What we know about Brandi and Clifford’s relationship

Keeping it out of the limelight

Brandi Passante and Clifford Beaver prefer to keep their relationship low-profile. They choose not to share much about it in the media. This discreet approach helps them avoid too much public attention.

Despite this, Clifford has posted pictures and videos with Brandi, showing they are happy together. Still, they’ve not talked openly about being a couple.

Keeping things private allows us to focus on what truly matters – our connection.

Seen together numerous times

Clifford Beaver and Brandi Passante have shown off their connection through shared moments, painting a clear picture of their bond. They’ve been spotted together in various places, hinting at a strong companionship.

This public presence adds weight to the idea they’re more than just friends. It shows they enjoy each other’s company and choose to spend time together often.

Photos on social media give us peeks into their relationship dynamics. One image even shows Clifford sleeping, a sign of trust and intimacy between them. These instances reveal the layers of affection and attachment growing in their partnership, confirming what many have speculated about this couple’s romance.

Confirmation from Passante


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A post shared by Brandi Passante (@brandipassante)

After being seen together quite a bit, Brandi Passante made it official. She posted on Instagram in May 2023, letting everyone know about her relationship with Clifford Beaver. This post was big news because Brandi is private about her love life.

In the social media post, she shared pictures of them looking happy and close. It served as a clear sign they were in a romantic relationship. Fans were excited to see Brandi moving on and finding happiness after her split with Jarrod.

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Updates on Brandi and Jarrod’s split

After years together, Brandi and Jarrod decided to go their separate ways. Both have moved on, with Jarrod now dating Rochel Beckman.

Reasons for split

Brandi and Jarrod’s journey together ended in 2018 after almost two decades. Their split was not simple; it involved serious issues. Allegations of a physical fight between them came out, shaking fans and followers.

The Orange County DA’s office charged Jarrod with misdemeanor domestic violence battery. This charge brought to light the struggles behind their long relationship.

Separation is never easy, especially in the public eye.

Jarrod’s new girlfriend Rochel Beckman

Jarrod started dating Rochel Beckman in January 2020. This new relationship marked the end of his time with Brandi. They seemed happy and sure about their choice to be together. Jarrod and Rochel’s decision to start a romantic journey was clear, showing they were ready for this new chapter.

Their relationship shows that both have moved on from past loves, focusing on this fresh start with each other as their significant others.

Final Thoughts

Brandi Passante is happy with her new boyfriend, Clifford Beaver. They share fun moments on social media but keep things private too. After a hard breakup with Jarrod, Brandi seems to have moved on well.

She and Clifford enjoy their time together, proving love can find you again. With both focused on new beginnings, Brandi’s love life looks bright and hopeful.

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