The Chi Season 6 Cast: Meet The Actors And Characters Of The Hit TV Series

Are you ready to dive into the streets of South Side Chicago with “The Chi” as it returns for its gripping sixth season? This striking drama series, created by Lena Waithe, captures the intricate lives of its residents like never before.

Whether you’re a long-time fan or new to the show, this article will be your guide through the talented ensemble that brings these compelling characters to life. Meet the faces behind your favorite storylines and find out what makes them tick—let’s get started!

Main Cast of The Chi Season 6

Dive into the heart of Chicago’s South Side and meet the vibrant ensemble that brings “The Chi” to life. Season 6 shines a spotlight on familiar faces who’ve captured our hearts with their layered stories, as each episode unfolds.

Jacob Latimore as Emmett Washington

Jacob Latimore brings Emmett Washington to life in The Chi Season 6. As a sneaker enthusiast, he’s cool and stylish but faces tough times too. He deals with being a dad to several kids he didn’t plan on having.

His personal struggles are real as he tries hard to sort out his family and relationship problems.

Fans can see Emmett’s journey unfold on their screens every week. This season will show new twists in his story, especially with Kiesha’s relationship taking turns nobody expected.

Get ready for more drama from this character everyone loves watching!

Alex R. Hibbert as Kevin Williams

Alex R. Hibbert brings Kevin Williams to life in “The Chi” Season 6. This young actor shows us a boy who has seen too much too soon. Kevin struggles with what he saw—the scary sight of someone being killed.

His story in the show is about dealing with this big pain and trying to find his way.

As we watch, we see Kevin facing many hard tests. He grows, learns, and changes through these tough times. Alex R. Hibbert makes us feel for Kevin as he tries to keep going after such a bad thing happens to him.

We root for him as he fights his battles and hope he finds some peace.

Michael Epps as Jake Taylor

Michael Epps steps back into the shoes of Jake Taylor in “The Chi” Season 6. As Jake, he stirs up the scene with his cool style and tough choices. He’s got a lot on his plate, dealing with family drama and dangerous street ties because of his brother.

This role has him at the heart of many twists and turns, showing how hard it can be for kids growing up in rough neighborhoods.

His performance brings out all sides of Jake – from loyalty to friends like Kevin to figuring out where he stands when trouble hits close to home. Watch as Michael Epps dives into this complex character once again, making viewers follow every step of Jake’s journey through Chicago’s South Side.

Now let’s turn to see Shamon Brown Jr., who lights up the screen as Stanley “Papa” Jackson.

Shamon Brown Jr. as Stanley “Papa” Jackson

Continuing with the vibrant crew of The Chi, Shamon Brown Jr. brings charm and humor to his role as Stanley “Papa” Jackson. Fans have watched Papa grow from a witty youngster into a young man navigating complex relationships, including an unexpected twist in Season 6: falling for an older woman.

This season promises new plot developments and challenges that will test Papa’s heart and resilience.

Shamon is one of the main cast members returning for this season, alongside other favorites like Jacob Latimore and Alex Hibbert. His portrayal of Papa showcases his talent in drama and adds depth to the television series’ storyline.

As he juggles love interests and life lessons, viewers are sure to be rooting for him every step of the way.

Yolonda Ross as Jada Washington

Moving from the spirited “Papa” Jackson, we meet Jada Washington, played by Yolonda Ross. She brings life to Emmett’s mom on The Chi Season 6. Her role is full of heart as she guides her son with firm but loving advice.

Fans see her showing Emmett what tough love really means.

Yolonda’s acting makes Jada stand out among the other cast members. Every Friday, viewers can stream new episodes on Paramount+, and catch them again on Sunday nights on Showtime. Watching Jada, fans get a sense of a mother’s love battling life’s challenges while helping her son grow up right before their eyes.

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Supporting Cast of The Chi Season 6

Beyond the central crew, our journey through Chicago’s South Side is enriched by a diverse supporting cast. They bring to life the layered stories that resonate with authenticity and depth—all adding their unique flavors to the world of “The Chi.”.

Birgundi Baker as Kiesha Williams

Birgundi Baker steps back into the shoes of Kiesha Williams, a character with deep roots in “The Chi.” She’s got speed on the track and a strong connection to her younger brother, Kevin.

Her life isn’t just about running fast; she’s tangled up in love too, especially with Emmett by her side. Kiesha is more than just an athlete—she’s part of a story where family ties and heart matters play big parts.

Kiesha faces challenges head-on, showing us what it means to grow up amidst the drama that only a series like “The Chi” can unfold. Birgundi brings authenticity to this teenage role, adding depth to the family dynamics viewers have come to expect from the show.

As Season 6 rolls out, fans will see how Kiesha navigates life’s hurdles—with the spirit and determination that Baker captures so well.

Tyla Abercrumbie as Nina Williams

Tyla Abercrumbie brings Nina Williams to life in “The Chi” Season 6. She plays the role of a mother who is both strong and caring. Her character deals with love, being a mom, and having a girlfriend.

Tyla’s acting makes Nina feel real and full of heart.

Her story touches everyone around her in “The Chi.” It shows all kinds of ups and downs in family life. Through Tyla’s work, viewers see how important Nina is to the show’s tale. Next up is Luke James as Trig Taylor, ready to make his mark on this season’s journey.

Luke James as Trig Taylor

Luke James brings to life Trig Taylor in the bustling city of “The Chi.” He’s not just anyone; he’s Jake Taylor’s big brother and steps up to face the city’s growing dangers head-on.

With a heart for his community, Trig is all about reconnecting with those around him and tackling whatever threats come their way.

You’ll find Luke James standing strong among other lead actors on Friday streaming sessions at Paramount+ and during Sunday night shows on Showtime. His role as Trig adds depth to “The Chi,” showing that family ties are tight, especially when times get tough.

Watch him join forces with characters played by Jacob Latimore, Alex Hibbert, Yolonda Ross, Shamon Brown Jr., Michael Epps, Birgundi Baker, and others navigating life’s complex turns on Chicago’s South Side.

Tai Davis as Tracy Roxboro

Tai Davis brings Tracy Roxboro to life in “The Chi” Season 6. She steps into the shoes of Ronnie Davis’s former girlfriend, adding depth and feeling to the show’s complex relationships.

Her role is crucial as it adds layers to the storyline with her past ties and current struggles in the community.

As a cast member of this dramatic TV series, Tai Davis works closely with other actors to create a real-world feel on screen. Her character’s journey through love, pain, and personal growth reflects key themes that many viewers can connect with.

Tracy Roxboro’s presence makes sure there’s never a dull moment in the bustling life of Chicago portrayed in “The Chi.”.


So, there you have it – the fresh and familiar faces making “The Chi” come alive. Each actor brings something special to their character, telling stories that grip us all. Watch them navigate life’s ups and downs on the South Side of Chicago in Season 6.

It’s more than just a TV show; it’s an experience with heart and soul at its core. Catch the drama unfold on Showtime!

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