Is 21 Savage Married? The Rapper’s Relationship Status


  • In 2020, 21 Savage married Keyanna Joseph.
  • Keyanna Joseph runs a beauty business called Beauty By Nukee and is often seen with 21 Savage.
  • There’s talk about 21 Savage having a relationship with Latto because of how they act online.
  • Some people think 21 Savage and Keyanna Joseph might break up because of his rumoured connection with Latto.
  • Because 21 Savage keeps his life private, everyone is always guessing about his marriage.

21 Savage, a well-known hip-hop artist, is quite secretive about his personal life, especially his marital status. He prefers to keep his relationships private, which makes fans and the media very curious. They often try to find hints in his social media posts and public appearances.

Even though we get small peeks into his personal life now and then, 21 Savage chooses to keep most details to himself to protect his family’s privacy. This secrecy keeps everyone guessing about whether he is married and who he might be with.

Who is 21 Savage’s Wife?

Keyanna Joseph, who is said to be married to 21 Savage, runs a business called Beauty By Nukee that focuses on cosmetics and skincare.

Meet Keyanna Joseph

Keyanna Joseph

Keyanna has earned respect in the beauty market with her skills in product development and customer service.

People started talking about her relationship with 21 Savage after they were seen together in a social media post. Later, it was confirmed they were married. Keyanna’s business savvy pairs well with 21 Savage’s creativity, making them a strong team in both business and life.

Rumours about Latto relationship

Rumours are swirling about a possible relationship between 21 Savage and rapper Latto, even though 21 Savage is married to Keyanna Joseph. These rumours are fueled by their interactions on social media and their appearances together at events, which make many people think they are more than just friends.

Rumours about Latto relationship

Here’s what’s been happening:

  • They’ve deleted some photos and captions from their social media, which has made people even more curious.
  • They’ve been seen together at several events, which makes it seem like they have a personal connection.
  • Latto has a tattoo with Savage’s name, which has sparked even more talk about them possibly being in a relationship.
  • The media has been all over this story, which only makes people more interested.
  • Neither artist has clearly stated what their relationship is, keeping everyone guessing.

Alleged confrontation between his wife and Latto

There’s a lot of buzz around 21 Savage’s personal life these days, especially after reports came out about a possible confrontation between his wife and Latto. Neither of them has confirmed anything, but it gets more interesting because Latto has a tattoo of Savage’s real name. That definitely keeps people talking.

Keyanna Joseph hasn’t said anything about these rumours. They both like to keep their private life private. But, of course, that doesn’t stop everyone else from guessing and talking about what might be going on. It seems like this story about Savage’s life is going to keep making waves.

Reports of divorce due to relationship with Latto

People started talking more when they saw Latto had a tattoo of 21 Savage’s real name. Both artists haven’t said much about it, keeping things quiet.

On social media, everyone’s been watching their every move and trying to guess what’s going on. This shows how tough it is for celebrities to keep their private lives private with everyone watching and talking about them online.

You may also like to know more about Latto’s parents.

Relationships with Amber Rose, Heather Rose, and Tommie Lee

21 Savage has had relationships with well-known women like Amber Rose, Heather Rose, and Tommie Lee. His time with Amber Rose was especially public and talked about a lot in 2017, until they split in 2018.

There’s not much out there about his relationships with Heather Rose and Tommie Lee, but they were still a part of his life. Each relationship showed a different side of him, interesting his fans. Even though he usually likes to keep his personal life private, people are always curious about it.


21 Savage keeps his personal life pretty private, so it’s hard to say for sure if he’s married or not. There are some rumours about him being married and then getting separated, but there’s no solid evidence to confirm anything.

It’s tough to figure out the private lives of celebrities, especially when they prefer to keep things under wraps. So, when talking about 21 Savage’s relationship status, it’s best to tread lightly and respect his privacy.

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