‘Saltburn’ Ending Explained: Oliver’s Deadly Actions Exposed

  • Oliver secretly uses poison on Felix, making it seem like Felix accidentally took too much medicine.
  • He carefully sets up the scene to make Venetia’s death look like she took her own life.
  • Oliver wants to get his hands on the big Catton estate and its wealth.
  • He’s driven by feelings of revenge and rejection, and he doesn’t hold back in his quest for power.
  • The movie ends with Oliver taking over, showing us just how far he’s fallen from being a good person.

Emerald Fennell’s movie Saltburn is a psychological thriller that dives deep into the twisted world of obsession and class struggles. The story is told from Oliver’s perspective. He’s a university student who gets caught up with Felix, a charming classmate from a rich family. The twist changes how we see the movie and makes us think about how far people will go to get what they want.

What Happened in the Ending of ‘Saltburn’?

Oliver’s true identity is revealed


In ‘Saltburn,’ the big twist shows Oliver as a dark and dangerous character. He’s behind all the bad things that happened at the estate. Throughout the movie, we see a different side of Oliver. He appears friendly and charming, but he’s plotting to take control. He’s obsessed with Felix and the estate and will stop at nothing to get what he wants.

He kills Felix and others

Oliver’s true colours come to light in ‘Saltburn,’ as his deadly deeds against Felix and others peak. He coldly kills Felix and Venetia to get control of the Saltburn estate. Oliver poisons Felix, making it look like an accidental overdose. Then, he sets up Venetia’s death to appear like she took her own life. His actions show just how far he will go for power. These dark moves lead to a shocking ending where Oliver’s deep-seated ruthlessness is fully exposed.

Oliver ends up with the Catton fortune

Oliver ends up with the Catton fortune by the end of the movie ‘Saltburn’. Throughout the film, he uses some pretty dark tactics. He’s behind the deaths of Felix and Venetia and takes advantage of Elspeth when she’s vulnerable. This puts him in line to inherit the huge Catton estate. Oliver’s actions show he doesn’t care about others and is just after power.

The movie ends with Oliver taking over Saltburn and throwing a big, eerie celebration by himself in the large mansion. This ending shows how far he’s gone morally in his quest for a place in high society, leaving us wondering if it was all worth it.

The Real Reason Behind Oliver’s Deadly Actions

Rejection from Felix

Saltburn Felix

In Saltburn, Oliver turns dangerous because he can’t handle Felix’s rejection. When Oliver first comes to the luxurious Saltburn estate, he looks up to Felix. But soon, his feelings become an obsession. Felix notices Oliver’s creepy behaviour and starts to pull away, finally rejecting him.

This hurts Oliver deeply. He feels betrayed and left out by Felix and the entire world he wanted to be part of. Oliver doesn’t deal well with this rejection. Instead, he starts to lash out, trying to control and hurt the people he once wanted to impress.

Obsession with the Catton fortune

In ‘Saltburn’, Oliver wants the Catton family’s wealth. This goal drives everything he does at the Saltburn estate. Oliver cleverly manipulates the family members, showing how far he’ll go for money and a higher social status.

He’s not just taking chances; he’s driven by a strong desire to climb up in life, no matter what it costs him morally. Understanding his fixation on the Catton fortune helps us see why things turn out the way they do in the film. It’s key to understanding his actions and the disastrous events that happened because of them.

Revenge for Venetia’s death

Saltburn Venetia

Initially, Oliver seemed motivated by greed in his chase for the Catton fortune. However, after Venetia’s death, his actions show a mix of revenge and deep emotional pain. Venetia stood out as a beacon of innocence in the corrupt setting of Saltburn, and her death, though labeled a suicide, turns out to be a key event.

It pushes Oliver towards becoming a true villain. He’s no longer just after money; he wants to punish those he blames for her death, especially Felix. His pursuit of revenge looks like a quest for justice. This shows how Oliver bends moral lines to get what he feels he deserves in the tragic story of the Catton family.

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The ending of ‘Saltburn’ makes you think about how dark people can get when they’re too ambitious or want revenge. Oliver did horrible things because he wanted to be in control and get back at others. This shows how dangerous it is when someone has too much power and no one to stop them. It’s a strong reminder to be careful about our desires for power and revenge. The story grabs us and makes us think hard about right and wrong.

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