Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife: Bunnie XO – Everything We Know About Her!

  • Bunnie XO and musician Jelly Roll married in a spontaneous Las Vegas ceremony in 2015. They renewed their vows in 2023.
  • She’s a devoted stepmom to Jelly Roll’s kids, often joining them for family outings and holiday events.
  • Bunnie stepped onto the red carpet with Jelly Roll for the first time in 2022. This move increased her visibility and showed their united front professionally.
  • As Jelly Roll’s wife, Bunnie helps by working on podcasts together and throwing creative ideas.
  • The key to their strong marriage? They always talk things out, support each other, and try to understand one another. This helps them face any challenge together.

Jelly Roll, a well-known musician, is married to Bunnie XO, a media personality and entrepreneur. They work together both personally and professionally, mixing music and media. Jelly Roll wins fans with deep songs and honest words, while Bunnie XO shines online.

They handle the challenges of being famous and creative together, becoming a power couple in entertainment. Their partnership helps both their careers and significantly influences today’s culture. They show how you can blend personal life with work, inspiring others who want to do the same.

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Who Is Jelly Roll’s Wife, Bunnie XO?

Bunnie XO is well-known as a podcaster. She became more famous through her relationship with the musician Jelly Roll. They met in 2015 and got married in Las Vegas soon after they met.


Bunnie XO has made quite an impact with her podcast. She talks about everything from her experiences to significant issues affecting us all, inviting guests to add their views. Her open and friendly manner has earned her a lot of fans. Her podcast is more than just fun to listen to; it brings people together.

Met Jelly Roll in 2015

At that time, Jelly Roll blended hip-hop with country music, making a name for himself. Bunnie was also making her mark in entertainment. They hit it off quickly, moving from work to something more personal. They supported each other through ups and downs in their careers.

Bunnie didn’t just stand by Jelly Roll; she worked with him on several projects, boosting her career and helping him. Their partnership has been a big part of their lives, bringing growth and success to them both.

Impromptu Las Vegas wedding

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO decided to get married on a whim in Las Vegas. Their choice showed they love adventure and are genuinely committed to each other.

They had a typical Vegas wedding—quick, lively, and fun. It was all put together fast, and their friends and family were told just before it happened, which made everything feel more thrilling.

Choosing Las Vegas, with its reputation for easy and flashy weddings, meant they could avoid the long, detailed planning that usually goes with getting married. They just wanted to start their life together in a simple, memorable way.

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Renewed vows in 2023

In 2023, Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO renewed their vows. They wanted to show each other and everyone else that their love was still strong. This wasn’t just about them staying together but about how they’ve grown.

They’ve faced tough times, but they’ve come out stronger. Their friends, family, and fans saw it all at the ceremony. It was clear that Bunnie XO is more than just Jelly Roll’s wife—she’s his true partner in life.


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Bunnie XO, married to Jelly Roll, also plays a vital role as a caring step-mom to his kids. She’s entirely part of the family, showing her love for Jelly Roll and his children. On social media, she often posts about the fun times they have together, highlighting the warm and happy atmosphere they create as a family.

  1. Family Outings: Bunnie loves planning trips that get the whole family out together, strengthening their connections.

  2. Support at Events: She’s always cheering them on at school functions and kids’ activities.

  3. Holiday Celebrations: Bunnie goes out during holidays, creating memorable traditions that bring everyone closer.

She’s much more than just Jelly Roll’s wife; she’s a pivotal part of his children’s lives, helping to build a family that cherishes each other.

Red carpet debut in 2022

In 2022, Bunnie XO stepped onto the red carpet for the first time with Jelly Roll. It was a big deal for them both. They attended a well-known award ceremony where Jelly Roll was nominated. Their appearance caught a lot of attention, showcasing not just their connection but also their professional unity. Bunnie XO wasn’t just there as a supportive partner; she stood out as a public figure.

The Secret to Their Successful Marriage

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s strong marriage comes down to a few essential things. They talk to each other well, ensuring they feel understood and important. They also face and beat challenges together, which makes their connection stronger and helps them handle whatever life throws at them.


Effective communication is critical to Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO’s strong marriage. They focus on clear, open talks and understanding each other. This helps them grow together and individually.

Here’s how they do it:

  1. Daily Check-ins: Each night, they talk about their day. They share the good and the bad.

  2. Active Listening: They listen to each other without cutting in. This helps them get where the other is coming from.

  3. Transparent Expressions: They’re open about their feelings and worries. This makes it safe to be honest and open.

This way, they strengthen their connection and help each other through anything.

Facing challenges together

Jelly Roll and Bunnie XO have a strong bond through good communication. They face problems together, making their marriage even more vital. They’re open about their challenges, both in public and online. They deal with fame, mental health, and family issues as a team.

This teamwork makes their relationship solid. They support each other through everything, showing how couples can help each other grow. Their united approach to overcoming difficulties sets a great example of support and understanding in a relationship.

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Simply put, Bunnie XO and Jelly Roll’s story is about sticking together and supporting each other. They started with a quick wedding in Las Vegas and renewed their vows in 2023, showing their commitment to each other.

They’re often seen together in public and have brought their families into the mix, which shows they’re united. Their relationship is vital because they love each other and share the same dreams and goals.

They truly set a great example of a lasting partnership in today’s world.

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