Discover The Story Behind Andrew Schulz’s Wife, Emma Turner

  • Emma Turner married comedian Andrew Schulz in December 2021.
  • She has a successful career in the tech industry, working as an AI/ML Program Manager at Apple after getting her MBA from NYU Stern.
  • Emma is an entrepreneur and co-founded the popular food blog Blistered Peppers with her husband, Andrew.

Emma Turner: Andrew Schulz’s Wife


Emma Turner is not just Andrew Schulz’s wife; she’s an entrepreneur and a force in the tech world. In December 2021, Emma Turner and Andrew Schulz tied the knot in a beautiful ceremony. Friends, family, and celebrities congratulated them on their union. This particular day they have marked the beginning of their journey as partners.

Their wedding was not just a celebration but a bond that brought two people together in matrimony. The couple shared their joy with everyone, making it an unforgettable part of their lives.

Work in tech and as an entrepreneur

After tying the knot with Andrew Schulz, Emma Turner didn’t just settle into married life; she also continued to shine in her career. She has made a name for herself in the tech world and as an entrepreneur.

Emma got her MBA from NYU Stern, showing her strong background in business management. Her skills led her to become a manager at Mastercard and, later, an AI/ML Program Manager at Apple.

This role involves working with artificial intelligence and machine learning, which are cutting-edge areas of the tech industry.

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Co-founder of Blistered Peppers

As the co-founder of Blistered Peppers, she dives deep into culinary content, crafting a unique space for food lovers.

Her passion shines through in everything from dining experiences to restaurant reviews. Together, Emma and Andrew become the ultimate foodie couple, sharing their adventures on various platforms.

Her is to find stories of success, love, and food adventures that go beyond the usual.

Net worth

Moving on from her physical traits, Emma Turner’s financial status is also impressive. Her net worth stands at about $250,000. This wealth stems from her hard work in tech and as an entrepreneur. She co-founded Blistered Peppers, contributing to her fortune. Meanwhile, Andrew Schulz, her husband, has accumulated a net worth of $4 million through his comedy career.

Relationship status with Andrew Schulz


Emma Turner married Andrew Schulz in November 2021. They share a strong bond, with their life together out of the public eye. Emma prefers to keep her personal life private and does not have social media accounts.

Besides, Andrew often posts photos of them on his platforms, showing glimpses into their happy married life. This balance allows fans to peek into their world while respecting Emma’s wishes for privacy.

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Emma Turner’s story, intertwined with Andrew Schulz, proves that two people from different worlds can create a unique bond. She brings her tech and business skills into a world filled with comedy and entertainment.

Together, they navigate life’s ups and downs, blending laughs with serious business moves. Their journey shows the power of love mixed with ambition. It’s clear; Emma isn’t just the comedian’s spouse—she’s a force in her own right, marking her territory in both the tech and food industries.

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