Hunter X Hunter Season 7: All You Need To Know!

Anime enthusiasts everywhere are buzzing with anticipation over the possible return of “Hunter X Hunter” for a seventh season. Recent updates from creator Yoshihiro Togashi suggest that more chapters and possibly new episodes are on the horizon.

This article promises to unpack all there is to know about Hunter X Hunter Season 7’s potential, easing the minds of eager fans. Stay tuned – what you learn here might just be the clue to Gon and friends’ next big adventure!

The Status of Hunter X Hunter Season 7

The air is thick with anticipation, but as of now, there’s no official green light for Hunter X Hunter Season 7. Still—hope sparks within the fandom as whispers from the creator suggest a new chapter might just be on the horizon.

No official confirmation

Fans are eager for news about Hunter X Hunter Season 7, but we have to wait a bit longer. So far, no one has said “Yes, it’s happening” with an official stamp. We’re all checking every day for any hint of a release date or a glimpse of a trailer.

Right now, it’s just guesswork – how many episodes will there be? What new adventures await? These questions buzz around with no clear answers yet. Everyone is on the lookout for that big announcement to drop, but as of July 2023, the situation stays uncertain and all updates are pending.

Keep your eyes peeled – anything can happen in the world of anime!

The creator is hinting at a new season

Yoshihiro Togashi, the creator of Hunter X Hunter, has teased fans with a big hint on Twitter. He’s shared that four new episodes are done. This news fires up hope for a season 7, showing Togashi’s commitment to continue the story.

And if he can’t finish it himself, he already has another plan to make sure fans get an ending.

People everywhere are talking about what this could mean. With such dedication from Togashi, viewers might soon see their favorite characters back in action. Heading into more adventures and mysteries means there’s lots to look forward to as we think about what Season 7 could bring to life from the manga pages.

What Could Season 7 Adapt?

With restless anticipation simmering in the hearts of its dedicated followers, Hunter X Hunter Season 7 teases a treasure trove of untold tales—fans are abuzz pondering which chapters from Yoshihiro Togashi’s intricate manga might unfurl onscreen.

As we traverse the realm of speculation, whispers of dark continents and clandestine Nen abilities fuel theories about the adventures that could captivate us next.

Speculations and theories

Fans are buzzing about the return of Hunter X Hunter. Many think Season 7 could dive into the Dark Continent Expedition arc. This storyline is big news because it might show us wild adventures with characters like Beyond Netero and Gon’s dad, Ging.

There’s a lot of talk that these episodes will be packed with danger and unknown lands.

People also wonder who’ll come back to voice our favorite characters. Heard in the grapevine — Megumi Han and Erica Mendez may return as Gon, while Mariya Ise or Christina Valenzuela could be Killua again.

And don’t forget Issei Futamata or Michael McConnohie as the narrator! Everyone’s on their toes to see which stories from the manga make it onto the screen next.

Potential storylines

Fans of Hunter X Hunter are eager to know what adventures wait in a potential Season 7. With the manga still unfolding, there’s plenty of material for new episodes.

  • Dark Continent Expedition Arc: A possible storyline could see characters embark on an exploration of the Dark Continent. Here, they might face unknown creatures and harsh environments.
  • Beyond Netero’s Leadership: The journey may be led by Beyond Netero, adding tension and excitement as his true intentions unfold.
  • Ging Freecss: Gon’s father, Ging, could play a big role in this season. Viewers might learn more about him and his connection to past events.
  • Danger and Mystery: A trip into the unknown means new threats. There could be battles with powerful beasts or fights against nature itself.
  • Unseen Territories: The group might discover places never seen before in the show. This opens doors for amazing sights and unforgettable moments.

Is Hunter X Hunter Anime Over?

The fate of the Hunter X Hunter anime hangs in a delicate balance, shrouded in uncertainty despite the manga’s pulse still beating with life. Fans are left grappling with the question: has this cherished series truly reached its end, or is there more adventure waiting beyond the horizon?

Unclear future of the anime

Fans are sitting on the edge of their seats, waiting to hear if “Hunter X Hunter” will continue. But right now, nobody knows for sure what’s going to happen next with the anime series.

The creator, Togashi, has talked about having another way to end the story in case he can’t finish it. That makes some people think there might be more anime episodes coming one day.

At this moment, things look uncertain. We don’t have a trailer or a release date for season 7 yet. Since manga stories are still being written, fans hope to see these new adventures on screen too.

They wish for news that their favorite characters will go on more quests and face bigger challenges soon. But until official word comes out, everyone is left guessing about the future of “Hunter X Hunter.”.

Manga still ongoing

The creator of Hunter X Hunter, Yoshihiro Togashi, is not done with the story. His comic series has been in serialization since 1998. That’s a long time! Even now, he talks about adding more chapters to the manga—10 new ones—to make it 400 chapters in total.

So even if people wonder if the anime is over, they can look at the manga and see it’s still alive with new stories.

Many fans are eager for these upcoming manga chapters because they love following Gon and his friends on their adventures. Each chapter brings them closer to finding out what happens next in the world of hunters.

With every new release, hope grows that there could be enough material for another season of the anime series too!

What We Know About the Potential New Season

In the swirling mix of rumors and whispers, there’s a shimmer of truth about Hunter X Hunter’s Season 7 — tidbits on when we might reunite with Gon and friends have surfaced. Devouring every morsel, fans piece together an anticipated timeline and speculate which treacherous paths our heroes may tread next.

Expected release date

Fans are looking out for when the new episodes of Hunter x Hunter might land. Right now, we don’t know exactly when season 7 will come out. People have been guessing about it a lot, but there’s no set date yet.

The team behind the show hasn’t put out a trailer either, so that doesn’t give us any clues.

We also can’t say how many shows will be in this latest season or what days they’ll play on TV. Everyone is waiting eagerly to find out if their favorite characters will return soon.

It’s all still up in the air, and viewers keep hoping for an official word on the anticipated premiere date of these potential new episodes.

Possible story arcs

While we wait for news on when a new season might arrive, let’s dive into the exciting adventures that could be in store for us. Here are some possible story arcs that could unfold in Hunter X Hunter Season 7:

  • Dark Continent Expedition: The next chapter could take us on an epic journey to the Dark Continent. With Beyond Netero at the helm, it promises risks and incredible discoveries.
  • Adventure with Ging: We might see more of Gon’s dad, Ging, as he explores unknown lands. His travels could lead to new characters and challenges.
  • Dangerous exploration: Characters may face fierce creatures and harsh environments. Each episode could revolve around surviving these extreme conditions.
  • Exploration Arc details: The season might give us a closer look at the reasons behind the expedition. It can uncover what treasures or secrets they’re chasing after.
  • Beyond Netero’s leadership: Expect tension and drama as Beyond Netero leads his team into perilous territories. Watch how his decisions affect the whole group.


Fans are waiting for Hunter X Hunter Season 7 with big hopes. The show’s future excites many, as new adventures loom on the horizon. With manga chapters coming, we may see more of Gon and Friends soon.

Get ready for action – this journey is far from over! Keep your eyes peeled for updates; the adventure continues!

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