David Preston Jessop: A Courageous Battle Against Leukemia And Cancer

Many people face health battles that test their strength and courage. David Preston Jessop is fighting a tough battle against Chronic Myeloid Leukemia, a serious cancer. This article will share his story, showing how family support makes a big difference in such fights.

Keep reading to learn about David’s brave journey.

Who is David Preston Jessop?

Ex-husband of “Sister Wives” star Robyn Brown

Robyn Brown, known for her role in “Sister Wives,” was once married to David Preston Jessop. Their marriage brought him into the limelight but also tied him to the broader Brown family through both marriage and cousinship.

Years after their split, Robyn moved on with Kody Brown, leading to a legal shift where Kody adopted Jessop and Robyn’s children in 2015.

Preston has had his share of challenges beyond public scrutiny. Besides battling leukemia, he faced allegations of domestic violence from Robyn over the years. This resulted in an arrest in 2018 for assaulting a family member, though he pleaded not guilty, and it was later downgraded to disorderly conduct.

Despite these hurdles, life went on for Preston as he remarried and expanded his family with four more children.

Related to the Brown family through marriage and cousinship

David Preston Jessop’s connection to the Brown family goes deeper than just his marriage to Robyn. Their union brought him into a vast family network, making him an in-law and a cousin through various links.

This tie means that Jessop shares relationships not only with Robyn but also with other members of the “Sister Wives” clan. His status as an ex-spouse doesn’t sever these connections; instead, it highlights the complex web of relationships that define this extended family.

Their shared journey includes raising three children who are now part of Kody Brown’s adopted brood. These familial bonds showcase a dynamic blend of marriage, adoption, and cousinship within the Brown household.

Jessop’s Battle Against Leukemia

Diagnosis and current state

Preston found out he had Chronic Myeloid Leukemia after a simple eye check-up. This news hit hard. At first, pills helped and put the leukemia into remission. Yet, these chemo pills brought their own big problems.

Preston faced deep pain and could not sleep well. His health updates shared by his family were tough to hear—they talked about his pain and how he lost insurance for his meds.

Now, without insurance, paying for treatment is a huge problem for Preston. His fight against this disease is far from over. With the cost of health care sky-high, the challenge is real.

Friends and family are doing what they can to help cover his bills through fundraising efforts.

Fundraising efforts for his care

To help with his health care costs due to leukemia, a GoFundMe page was set up. This campaign aims to raise money for medical expenses and support during his cancer battle. So far, the effort has seen kind people give nearly $13,642 through 369 donations.

Friends, family, and strangers are coming together to offer financial aid for the healthcare that David Preston Jessop needs in this tough time. Every donation adds hope and is a step closer to easing the burden of treatment costs.

Impact on Family and Friends

Support and campaign from ex-wife Robyn and her sister’s wives

Robyn Brown and her sister’s wives are showing big support for David Preston Jessop. They’ve been active in helping with his fight against leukemia. Robyn and the family spread the word about a GoFundMe page set up for David’s medical bills.

Thanks to their help, nearly $13,642 has been raised so far.

Their actions show true solidarity and compassion for David during this tough time. Through social media and personal networks, they’ve called on friends, fans, and others to join them in backing David’s battle.

This kind of support not only helps with the financial strain but also gives emotional strength to everyone involved.

Controversy over the exclusion of Brown children from GoFundMe

While many close to the Brown family rallied in support, a stir was caused by the GoFundMe page. It did not list David Preston Jessop’s children with Robyn Brown as beneficiaries. This decision led to mixed reactions from the public and raised questions about their inclusion in his health crisis.

Family support plays a crucial role during health crises, but financial assistance decisions can create unexpected tensions.

Final Words

David Preston Jessop’s fight against leukemia teaches us a powerful lesson about unity and support. His journey, marked by pain and hope, shows how crucial help from others is during tough times.

Family, friends, and even strangers have come together for him. This kind of backing not only aids in the battle but also brings light to the tough paths faced by cancer fighters everywhere.

Let this story inspire us to stand with those in need, proving that together we’re stronger.

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