All You Need To Know About Stacey Rusch Joining RHOP Season 9

Finding out about new cast members on your favorite show can be tricky. Stacey Rusch is joining RHOP Season 9. Our article will give you all the details about her entry into the show.

Keep reading for all you need to know about this exciting addition!

Who is Stacey Rusch?

Stacey Rusch is a new face in the exciting world of reality TV. She steps onto the stage as part of “The Real Housewives of Potomac” Season 9, ready to share her life and stir things up.

Background and career

Stacey Rusch has made quite the name for herself in the health and wellness world. She’s not just any yoga instructor; she has taken her passion for wellness to a global level, teaching across more than 35 countries.

Her experience doesn’t stop there—Rusch has worked with big names, including the White House Athletic Center, American University, and even NASA, helping others find balance and strength through fitness.

Beyond athletic training and yoga, Stacey expanded her expertise into public speaking and television hosting. Her ability to connect with people extends off the mat too. In April 2024, she stepped down from her role at QVC.

Husband’s occupation

Thiemo Rusch is a senior vice president at Audi. He and Stacey have been married since 2007.

Their long time together has likely seen many ups and downs. Yet, Thiemo’s success in his career might bring an interesting twist to Stacey’s story on RHOP Season 9. With his job as her spouse’s main work, it adds another layer to who she is as the new housewife on the show.

Stacey Rusch’s Role on RHOP Season 9

Joining as a full-time Housewife

Stacey Rusch steps into the scene of RHOP Season 9 as a full-time housewife, bringing with her a unique blend of family-focused values and domestic dedication. She recently made the choice to leave her career behind, turning her full attention to household management and childrearing.

I’m thrilled to join RHOP as a stay-at-home mother. It’s a chance to share my journey of balancing family priorities, parenting responsibilities, and supporting my spouse, Stacey shared.

Her husband, Thiemo Rusch’s role as Senior Vice President at Audi adds an intriguing aspect to her storyline. Meanwhile, their commitment to raising their daughter Arabella with awareness of her Black and German heritage promises rich cultural insights.

Fans are eager to see how Stacey’s supportive spouse role and focus on family-oriented tasks will mesh with the dynamic RHOP cast.

Rumors and confirmations

So, after Stacey Rusch decided to be a full-time housewife on RHOP, lots of people started talking. Some said she was friends with Karen Huger and that’s how she got on the show. Well, that part is true.

Karen is going to introduce her in Season 9. This made fans think about what she will bring to the TV show.

There were also whispers about why Stacey left her job at QVC in April. She did it to spend more time as a mom (According to her Instagram post, see below).


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A post shared by Stacey Rusch (@stacey.rusch)

So, yes, there were many talks but now we know for sure – Stacey joining RHOP is not just gossip; it’s real news!

Reactions to Stacey Rusch Joining RHOP

Fans are talking a lot on social media about Stacey Rusch joining RHOP – some are excited, and others are curious to see what she will bring to the show. Keep reading for more!

Speculation and opinions

People have strong feelings about Stacey Rusch joining RHOP season 9. Some are excited and think she will make the show better. They look forward to her friendship with Karen Huger and wonder how it will show on TV.

Others are not sure if she will be a good fit or add much value. They wait, curious about what she will bring to the table.

Talk is also high on how Stacey’s background might change the storylines. Her life as a health and wellness expert could bring new topics to the show. Everyone has their own guess and can’t wait to see how she blends with the other cast members.

There’s a mix of hope, doubt, and eagerness among viewers who can hardly wait for the new episodes.

Final Words

Stacey Rusch is the new face in RHOP Season 9. She brings her unique background, from teaching yoga worldwide to being a popular QVC host. With Stacey joining, fans can expect fresh drama and fun.

Her friendship with Karen Huger hints at exciting stories ahead. This season looks promising with such a vibrant addition to the Potomac crew!

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