The Life of Jordan Peterson’s Daughter – Mikhaila Peterson

  • Mikhaila Peterson runs ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast’ and heads up Luminate Productions.
  • She promotes diet, which she credits for her better health after struggling with severe autoimmune and mood disorders.
  • She greatly influences her dad, Jordan Peterson, especially in discussing health and diets.
  • In her personal life, she’s a mom who recently married Jordan Fuller and is expecting her second child.
  • Her work with Andrew Tate has shaped how people see the Peterson name.

Mikhaila Peterson was born on January 4, 1992. She’s a well-known Canadian podcaster and CEO and a big supporter of using special diets to fix chronic health problems. She’s all about the carnivore diet. She says it helped her get rid of symptoms from serious autoimmune issues and depression that she’s had since she was young.

She runs Luminate Productions, where she makes content that pushes people to try different diets to get better. Her podcast, ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast,’ talks with experts about health, wellness, philosophy, and culture. It’s listened to by people all over the world and has built a community of folks who care about their health.

Meet Jordan Peterson’s Daughter, Mikhaila


Who is she and what does she do?

Mikhaila Peterson, Jordan Peterson’s daughter, does quite a bit. She’s from Canada and wears many hats: podcaster, CEO, diet blogger, and speaker. She’s big on something called the lion diet, which is all about eating meat. She says it’s helped her with her own health problems.

  • Podcaster: She runs ‘The Mikhaila Peterson Podcast.’ Here, she talks about tricky topics and how to better yourself.
  • CEO and Entrepreneur: She’s the CEO of Luminate productions.
  • Diet Blogger: She pushes the lion diet, an all-meat diet she follows herself, claiming it has improved her health.
  • Public Speaker: She travels, giving talks about how changing her diet helped her health, hoping to motivate others with her story.

What illness did she struggle with?

She had rheumatoid arthritis from when she was very young, showing symptoms at just two years old. By the time she was eight, her condition worsened, and she had to start taking strong medications like Enbrel and Methotrexate. Besides her physical health, she also struggled with severe depression, which was later identified as bipolar type 2 when she was twelve. Her health issues led to several surgeries during her teenage years, and unfortunately, she became dependent on Oxycontin. These challenges really affected her life.

To improve her health, Mikhaila tried a strict elimination diet, and it really helped her feel better.

Her marriage to Jordan Fuller and upcoming second child

Mikhaila and Jordan Fuller Marriage

Mikhaila Peterson got engaged to Jordan Fuller in March 2022, and they married by June of that same year. They settled into married life quickly and just announced in November 2023 that they were expecting their second child. Mikhaila also has a daughter from a previous marriage, so this new baby will make their family even bigger.

  • Jordan Fuller: He’s a dedicated husband who loves fitness and has adopted a meat-only diet.
  • Wedding: They got engaged and married quickly, having a beautiful wedding in June 2022.
  • Pregnancy Announcement: They shared their happy news with everyone in November 2023.
  • Family Dynamic: Mikhaila shares parenting her daughter with her ex-husband, and Jordan has become a father figure.

Her Impact on Her Father’s Work

Mikhaila Peterson has influenced her dad, Jordan Peterson. She promotes an all-meat diet, which has sparked debates and drawn media focus. Her own health issues and diet decisions not only shaped her path but also affected her dad’s career. He now discusses these topics in his talks and writings.

Influence on his books and lectures

Jordan Peterson often talks about his daughter Mikhaila’s health issues and how her diet changes really made a difference. These experiences have deeply shaped his work, bringing his ideas to life with real stories. Here’s how Mikhaila has affected her father’s work:

  • Deep Thinking: Her struggles led him to think more about how our diets and health affect our minds and happiness.
  • Open Conversations: Her story is a starting point for him to talk about taking charge of your own health in his speeches and interviews.

Relationship with her father’s former colleague Andrew Tate

mikhaila peterson and andrew tate

Andrew Tate, who once worked with Jordan Peterson, has a complex relationship with Mikhaila Peterson. This connection has shaped her father’s career and public image. Though not often talked about, it reveals a lot about the interactions within the Peterson circle and their broader network.


Mikhaila Peterson’s story is all about her tough spirit and fresh ideas on health. She’s made a big impact, not just in her family, but around the world. She’s played a big part in shaping her father, Jordan Peterson’s views, and she’s a strong supporter of the lion diet. Her work doesn’t stop there. Leading Luminate Productions, she stands out as a leader, driving change and empowering others.

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