Every Season Of Alone Ranked From Best To Worst: A Comprehensive List

In survival TV, ‘Alone’ really grabs people’s attention. Every season takes us to far-off places where contestants battle harsh weather and the mental effects of being alone. As we list each season from best to worst, we see that some settings and challenges bring out more intense drama and impressive survival skills than others. 

The Best Seasons of Alone Ranked from Best to Worst

When we rank the seasons of ‘Alone’ from best to worst, we really get to see how the show has changed over time and what challenges the contestants have had to face. 

Season 1: Port Hardy, British Columbia

Season 1 Port Hardy, British Columbia

Season 1 of ‘Alone’ took place in the tough landscape of Port Hardy, British Columbia. It kicked off the series with a real taste of what it’s like to survive in the wild. Viewers got hooked right from the start, thanks to the intense and unpredictable nature of the show. The contestants, including notable ones like Brant McGee and Josh Chavez, had to tough it out. They faced extreme hunger, loneliness, and brutal weather.

These challenges weren’t just tough; they showed the contestants’ grit and determination. This first season was more than just entertaining; it set the standard for every season that followed and became a landmark in survival reality TV.

Season 2: Port Hardy, British Columbia

Season 2 Port Hardy, British Columbia

Season 2 of ‘Alone’ took us back to Port Hardy in British Columbia, cranking up the intensity of the survival challenge. The conditions were more demanding this time, and the mix of contestants brought more variety. This season showed how tough surviving can be, both mentally and physically. Contestants dealt with non-stop rain, profound isolation, and intense psychological pressures. It was all about pushing their limits. Season 2 remains a standout for really testing the contestants and pulling the audience in with its honest look at what survival takes.

Season 7: Million Dollar Challenge: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Season 7 Million Dollar Challenge Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

The seventh season of ‘Alone’ took the challenge up a notch with a Million-Dollar Challenge at Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories. This challenge really tested the contestants’ survival skills in the harsh Arctic and how well they coped alone. This season, the stakes were higher than ever, with a huge cash prize, tough survival tasks, and the need for strong mental toughness in the cold Arctic.

The weather was harsh and unpredictable, and finding enough to eat and staying warm was a real struggle. This season wasn’t just about surviving physically but mentally, as the isolation and tough conditions pushed everyone to their limits.

Season 3: Patagonia, Argentina

Season 3 Patagonia, Argentina

Season 3 took place in Patagonia, Argentina, and was quite the scene. The wild and untouched nature of the place tested the contestants’ survival skills. They had to deal with tough weather, not much food, and many mental challenges. People often talk about the dramatic views and the intense survival tasks that pushed everyone to their limits.

Season 6: The Arctic: Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Season 6 The Arctic Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories

Season 6, set in the Arctic at Great Slave Lake, Northwest Territories, brought contestants face-to-face with some of the toughest conditions, including temperatures dropping to -40°C and the risk of severe infections. This season tested the survivalists, pushing their creativity and mental strength to the limit. Jordan Jonas won, showing incredible skill and resilience by making crucial kills that ensured his survival. Season 6 is memorable for its intense challenges and the unique ways each contestant approached them.

Season 4: Lost and Found: Quatsino, British Columbia

Season 4 Lost and Found Quatsino, British Columbia

Season 4 of ‘Lost and Found in Quatsino, British Columbia, introduced viewers to a new twist: teams made up of family members. These teams had to work together to survive in the wild. The season was about more than survival skills; it also explored how family relationships cope under stress. Quatsino’s beautiful but tough landscape made a perfect setting, adding to physical and emotional challenges.

Season 8: Grizzly Mountain: Chilko Lake, British Columbia

Season 8 Grizzly Mountain Chilko Lake, British Columbia

Season 8 took place at Grizzly Mountain: Chilko Lake in British Columbia, raising the stakes with new survival tests and stunning encounters with nature. The participants battled harsh conditions that pushed them to their limits. One of the highlights was Clay Hayes, who impressively hunted a 130-pound deer, demonstrating top-notch survival abilities.

Season 5: Redemption: Selenge Province, Mongolia

Season 5 Redemption Selenge Province, Mongolia

Season 5 of ‘Alone,’ named ‘Redemption,’ unfolded in the rugged landscape of Selenge Province, Mongolia. This season was exceptional because it brought back previous contestants. They had another shot at mastering the wild and facing their challenges. Mongolia’s wild scenery pushed their survival skills to the limit.

Seeing the same faces again added a deeper layer to the competition. It’s tough out there with the cold and the wildlife, but these folks were ready to tackle it again. It was impressive to see their new shelter ideas and how they managed to get food in such a rough place.

Season 9: Nunatsiavut, Labrador

Season 9 Nunatsiavut, Labrador

Season 9 took the contestants to Nunatsiavut in Labrador, one of the most demanding environments yet. The place tested their survival skills and pushed their mental strength to the edge. The weather was tough, food was hard to find, and the wildlife didn’t make things any easier. They had to be clever to make shelters and tools that worked. It showed just how resourceful they could be.

Season 10: Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Season 10 Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan

Season 10 occurred in Reindeer Lake, Saskatchewan, right after the tough competition in Nunatsiavut. This time, the landscape was even more challenging, pushing contestants like Melanie Sawyer, Alan Tenta, and Tarcisio Taz Ramos Dos Santos to their limits.

Tarcisio made a guitar, a real highlight that showed his survival skills, creativity, and toughness. This season was tough, with bitter cold and little food testing everyone’s physical and mental strength.


To wrap it up, when you rank each season of ‘Alone’ from the top pick to the least favourite, you see how different environments, the mix of contestants, and the survival tasks make the show exciting and informative. This breakdown shows what’s great about each season and highlights how well the show keeps us hooked and teaches us about surviving the tough challenges nature throws at us.

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