Taron Egerton’s Relationship History: From Ex-Girlfriend to Current Status

  • Taron Egerton was in a relationship with Emily Thomas for six years, but they separated in April 2022.
  • The stress from their busy careers played a part in their breakup.
  • Since then, Egerton has been single. He’s trying out the dating app Raya.
  • He looks for a mix of humor and attraction in a partner.
  • Right now, he’s putting most of his effort into his acting career and personal growth. He’s keeping things casual when it comes to dating.

Taron Egerton has faced some personal challenges while building a successful Hollywood career. He’s well-known for playing Elton John in Rocketman. But it hasn’t been easy to juggle a busy work life with his personal life. For example, his long relationship with Emily Thomas ended because of their hectic schedules. This shows the tough personal sacrifices that often come with fame. Despite these challenges, Egerton is moving on. He’s started dating again and is taking time for self-care. This shows his strength and ability to adapt to life in the public eye.

Taron Egerton’s Relationship History

Ex-girlfriend Emily Thomas

Taron Egerton's and Emily Thomas

Emily Thomas, a skilled assistant director, and actor Taron Egerton were together for six years until they split up in April 2022. They started dating in 2016 but hit a rough patch in 2018 because their jobs were pulling them in different directions.

They got back together in 2019, something Taron was really happy about. Despite this, their demanding careers kept putting pressure on their relationship. In the end, this stress led to them breaking up for good in 2022.

Current status

Since his breakup with Emily Thomas in April 2022, Taron Egerton has been single. He’s been using the dating app Raya to try to meet someone new, but he hasn’t made any public appearances with anyone yet. In a straightforward chat with Andy Cohen, Egerton shared what he’s looking for in a date. He values a good sense of humor and is also attracted to physical features, particularly mentioning a liking for a ‘big, round butt.’

Taron’s Views on Love and Relationships

Taron egerton

Taron Egerton talks straight about what he likes in relationships and dating. He values how someone looks and their ability to laugh and make others laugh.

He’s open about these things in interviews, giving us a peek at what’s important to him when choosing a partner.

What he looks for in a partner

Egerton looks for a few key things in a romantic partner. He really values how attractive someone is, but he also wants someone who can make him laugh. Plus, there are some specific looks he prefers. Most importantly, he likes a good balance of these qualities. He wants someone who is easy on the eyes and fun to be around, showing that he cares about more than just looks.

Past interviews about his love life

Taron egerton's

In past interviews, Egerton has been open about his views on love and relationships. He thinks humor and attraction are key to keeping a relationship strong. He also believes in the importance of respect and understanding each other, saying these things are the base of a lasting relationship.

Egerton likes relationships that fulfil him physically, give him emotional support, and keep him thinking. His thoughts show that he looks for more than just looks in a partner; he wants a deep and meaningful connection.


Taron Egerton’s acting career has deeply affected his love life. He was with Emily Thomas for a long time, and like many celebrities, they had to juggle their relationship with busy work lives. Eventually, their different schedules led to a breakup, showing just how complex celebrity relationships can be. Now, Taron is single and taking a lighter approach to dating. He uses humor and is open about what he’s looking for, showing a shift towards a more relaxed attitude in his personal life. As he moves on from his past relationship, Taron talks openly about what he wants, giving us a look at how he’s handling love and work now.

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