Naruto Shippuden Filler List: Episodes & Arcs You Can Skip

Based on Masashi Kishimoto’s manga, Naruto Shippuden includes key episodes and fillers. The key episodes are crucial as they follow Naruto Uzumaki’s journey to become Hokage and push the main story forward. They help us understand how the characters relate and change over time.

On the other hand, the filler episodes are just for fun. They explore side stories and give extra details about the characters, but you don’t need to watch them to get the main plot. They’re optional but can offer a deeper insight into the world of Naruto.

What is Naruto Shippuden?

Naruto Shippuden

‘Naruto Shippuden’ is the next chapter after the original ‘Naruto’ series. It dives deeper into the lives of its characters as they search for power and acceptance. The story resumes two and a half years after Naruto Uzumaki leaves his village to train hard. Now, he’s back and up against the tough Akatsuki group, who are, after all, the tailed beasts. Naruto’s training is tested as he confronts new challenges and enemies. The stakes are higher, and every fight means more.

Which Episodes and Arcs Can You Skip?

If you’re diving into Naruto Shippuden and want to stick to the main story, you can skip a few arcs. For instance, the Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc, episodes 57 to 71, doesn’t push the main plot forward.

Also, episodes 176 to 196 are entertaining but not essential. These are filler episodes; they might add details about the characters but don’t advance the main storyline. Skipping them can make your watch more focused on the central narrative.

Episodes 57-71: Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc

Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc

You can skip Episodes 57-71, the Twelve Guardian Ninja Arc, without missing much of the main story in the Naruto Shippuden series. This arc dives into some history of the Land of Fire but doesn’t tie into Naruto’s main quest or his battles with the Akatsuki.

  • New Characters: This arc introduces Sora, who is like a Jinchuriki but not entirely. He’s interesting for a bit but doesn’t stick around in the story.
  • Side Stories: This arc includes some side adventures and character growth, but none of it returns in future episodes.
  • Cultural Insight: It also shows a bit about the ninja monk tradition, but this isn’t a big part of Naruto’s overall world.

Episodes 91-112: Filler, but some are worth watching

Episodes 91-112 Naruto Filler

Episodes 91 to 112 of Naruto Shippuden are mostly filler, but some are worth your time. Even though they don’t push the main story forward, these episodes dive deeper into the characters and deliver some fun side stories.

  • Episode 91 gives you a closer look at ninja tools.
  • Episode 101 features some cool and unique jutsu.
  • Episode 108 offers some backstory on a key character.
  • Episode 111 is great for its emotional depth.
  • Episode 112 has some intense battles.

Episodes 144-151: Filler, but recommended to watch

Episodes 144-151 of Naruto Shippuden are filler, but they’re worth your time. They dive into parts of the ninja world that aren’t covered in the main plot, giving you a richer experience. You’ll see some cool techniques that don’t appear in the manga. These episodes explore the backgrounds of some of the secondary characters in more detail. The story arcs are well put together. They might not be crucial to the main story, but they are enjoyable and add depth.

Episodes 176-196: Filler, but all are still watchable

Naruto side characters

The filler episodes of Naruto Shippuden from 176 to 196 are not part of the main storyline but are still worth watching. These episodes give us a deeper look at some side characters and their backgrounds. They add layers to the story that we don’t always get in the main plot.

Even though they don’t move the main story forward, they help us understand the ninja world better. We get to see the everyday challenges and lives of ninjas from different places. You’ll enjoy these episodes if you like getting to know the characters more and seeing how their world works.

Episodes 284-295: Mostly filler with some important moments

In episodes 284 to 295 of Naruto Shippuden, there’s a mix of filler and key story moments. Choose which episodes to watch if you’re trying to keep up with the main story. Here’s what to look for in these episodes:

  • Character Development: You’ll get a closer look at some of the side characters.
  • Backstory Elements: Short backstories help fill in some main story details.
  • Mixed Canon/Filler Nature: The episodes mix content from the original manga with new scenes made just for the anime. This might throw off some viewers who prefer sticking strictly to the manga.

Episodes 303-320: Mostly filler, can be skipped

If you’re interested in the main story of Naruto Shippuden, skip episodes 303 to 320. These episodes are mostly filler and don’t push the main story forward. They focus on side stories and background details. These can be fun to watch, but they’re not crucial for following Naruto’s main quest. By skipping these, you’ll stick to the important events and keep your watching experience tight and on track.

Episodes 347-361: Recommended to watch, even though it is filler

Kakashi Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops'

Even though episodes 347-361 of Naruto Shippuden are filler, they’re worth watching. They dive deep into Kakashi’s past and show how the Akatsuki group started. This arc is called ‘Kakashi: Shadow of the ANBU Black Ops’, and it helps you understand more about the story and the characters.

  • Kakashi’s Past: You get to see what made Kakashi the character everyone loves.
  • Akatsuki’s Beginnings: It’s interesting how this big group first came together.
  • Understanding Characters Better: These episodes help you see why characters behave the way they do and how their relationships work.

Episodes 388-390: Filler, but worth watching

Gaara and Hinata.

Even though episodes 388-390 of Naruto Shippuden are fillers, they’re worth a watch. They dive deep into the personal growth of characters like Gaara and Hinata. For instance, episodes 389 and 390 focus on the Hyuga sisters, Hinata and Hanabi. These episodes give us a closer look at their relationship and what drives them.

These stories might not be crucial to the main plot, but they flesh out the characters. If you like getting to know the characters better, these episodes add great depth and are engaging.

Episodes 394-413: Can be skipped

Episodes 394-413 of Naruto Shippuden are mostly filler. You can skip them without missing out on the main story. These episodes cover a Chunin Exam arc that doesn’t affect Naruto’s main journey or confrontations with key enemies.

  • Focus on Secondary Characters: These episodes don’t focus on Naruto. Instead, they highlight other, less central characters.
  • Isolated Story Arc: This chunk of the story stands alone. It doesn’t connect much with the major ongoing events or the war central to the plot.
  • Repeating Themes: What are the lessons in these episodes? We’ve seen them before in more important parts of the series.

Episodes 464-468: Filler, but recommended to watch

Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths.

Episodes 464-468 of Naruto Shippuden are technically filler but don’t skip them. They dive deep into the ninja world’s history and chakra’s beginnings. You’ll get to know the Otsutsuki clan better, especially Hagoromo Otsutsuki, the Sage of Six Paths.

These episodes add much to the Naruto story, even if they’re not part of the main plot. They help you understand the whole series better. So, if you’re into the lore of Naruto, these episodes are worth your time.

Episode 469: Reveals Kakashi’s face

In Naruto Shippuden Episode 469, we finally see Kakashi Hatake’s face. It’s a big deal for fans waiting eagerly, even though it’s a filler episode. The episode is fun and light, a nice change from the usual intense fights and deep storylines. Team 7 tries all sorts of funny tricks to see Kakashi’s face, making it a great break filled with laughs.

  • Big Reveal: We see Kakashi’s face at last.
  • Laughs All Around: The team’s funny plans to unmask Kakashi keep things light.
  • For the Fans: This episode answers a long-held question about what Kakashi looks like.


In short, if you want to get straight to the heart of Naruto Shippuden, stick to episodes that follow the manga and the main story arcs. This keeps the story clear and true to its original purpose, helping you grasp the main themes and character growth. While some filler episodes do add a bit more colour to the ninja world, they’re not essential if you’re keen to focus on Naruto’s key adventures and the larger ninja battles.

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