Falling Into Your Smile Season 2 – Everything You Need To Know!

You’ve been waiting for news on “Falling Into Your Smile” Season 2, and you’re not alone. The show made waves with its blend of romance and esports drama, leaving fans eager for more.

This blog is your one-stop source to get the latest updates on everything from cast rumors to possible plotlines for the anticipated second season. Keep reading – we’ve got all the insights you’ve been searching for!

What is ‘Falling Into Your Smile’ About?

“Falling Into Your Smile” explores the exciting world of championship gaming, where relationships and virtual fights happen at the same time. It tells a story that connects with viewers. It shows the dating life and struggles faced by young esports players who compete. Keep watching to discover what happens behind the game screens.

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Release Date and Availability

“Falling Into Your Smile” hit screens on June 23, 2021. Fans were able to catch all of the action and romance on LINE TV, Tencent Video, and Youku first. With a total of 31 episodes making up the first season, viewers had plenty to enjoy.

Later on, this show made its way onto Netflix, giving even more fans across different places a chance to watch. It also showed up on Taiwan television and Viki.

People looking for “Falling Into Your Smile” have good options at hand. They can stream episodes from the comfort of their homes or wherever they are through these platforms. Availability on popular networks means it’s easy for you to tune in whenever you like!

The Main Characters

The main characters are the heart of “Falling Into Your Smile.” Cheng Xiao, Xu Kai, and Zhai Xiao Wen bring life to this engaging story. They play key roles that have earned them lots of praise.

  • Cheng Xiao plays Tong Yao: She is a skilled gamer who breaks into a male-dominated eSports world. Her character is strong and determined, showing that girls can shine in gaming too.
  • Xu Kai as Lu Si Cheng: He’s the captain of the eSports team. This guy is serious about winning and sometimes tough on his teammates. But deep down, he cares a lot and wants everyone to do their best.
  • Zhai Xiao Wen takes on Jian Yang: Jian Yang is the fun one in the group. His character adds laughter to the show, but don’t be fooled – he’s also very talented at playing games.

Critical Reception

People like the show “Falling Into Your Smile” for its team spirit and happy love stories. But some folks think the story is too easy to guess. They say it shows women in ways that are not true or fair, and it does not show esports jobs as they are.

Fans of romantic comedy enjoy watching how the characters’ relationships grow, especially when they break old ideas about men’s and women’s roles in sports. This mix of feelings from fans makes one wonder if Season 2 can keep what people loved and fix what they didn’t.

Let’s see if there will be another season!

Will There Be a Season 2?

Anticipation is high among fans, and the question on everyone’s lips: will “Falling Into Your Smile” return for a second season? The rumor mill has been churning—let’s dive into what we’ve heard.

Rumored Release Date

People are talking about when “Falling Into Your Smile” Season 2 might come out. But here’s the thing—there is no date set for it. Some folks say they’ve seen hints that filming has started, though no one knows for sure.

We’re all waiting to hear if there will be more of the show, but so far, nobody has made an official announcement.

What we know isn’t much. The future of a second season hangs in the air like a jump ball at a basketball game—everyone’s eyes on it, but unsure where it’ll land. Will they make another season? That stays an unsolved puzzle with only whispers and guesses filling in the blanks.

You’ll have to keep an eye out for any surprise news or sudden updates!

Expected Plot

Now, everyone’s eager to know what stories and adventures Season 2 will bring. Fans are buzzing with guesses about the anticipated storyline since there isn’t any official data on the expected plot for “Falling Into Your Smile” Season 2.

Viewers can’t help but speculate on potential story developments that may unfold in the upcoming season. They wonder if the characters they’ve grown to love will face new challenges or if their relationships will take exciting turns.

The speculated narrative has fans hoping for more heartwarming moments and thrilling esports action as we delve deeper into the characters’ lives and ambitions.

Confirmed Cast Members

The show “Falling Into Your Smile” has some great news—its cast for season 2 is confirmed. Fans can look forward to seeing their favorite characters return.

  • Cheng Xiao will light up the screen again as Tong Yao, the skilled gamer who breaks barriers in a male-dominated world.
  • Xu Kai is back to charm viewers as Lu Si Cheng, the strong leader with a soft heart for his team and Tong Yao.
  • Zhai Xiao Wen steps into Jian Yang’s shoes once more, bringing life to the dedicated and earnest teammate.

Where to watch?

You can catch the second season of “Falling Into Your Smile” on several platforms. Netflix, Taiwan television, and Viki are places where fans tune in to follow their favorite drama series.

They offer easy online viewing so you can watch each episode streaming right from your device.

Looking for when you can see new episodes? Keep an eye out for a potential trailer that might pop up on these services. This will give eager viewers a sneak peek and get them ready to dive into the TV show’s latest adventures!

Potential Trailer Release

So far, we don’t have an official trailer release for the anticipated second season. Keep your eyes peeled though—trailers often pop up without much warning and spread fast!

Season rumors suggest that updates on Season 2 will arrive any day now—but nothing is set in stone just yet. If there’s news about a new season, fans believe a thrilling trailer won’t be far behind.

The moment it’s out, you can bet it’ll be all over social media and streaming sites! Stay tuned and ready to dive into every frame once it arrives—it may hold clues about what adventures lie ahead for our favorite characters!


So, that’s the scoop on “Falling Into Your Smile” Season 2. We’re all waiting to see if the show will come back with more laughs and romance. Keep an eye out for updates and get ready to dive back into the world of esports love stories! Meanwhile, you can rewatch your favorite episodes or check out other shows like it.

Stay tuned!

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