Did Josh Allen Cheat On Brittany Williams? All You Need To Know!

Gossip and rumors can hurt. Josh Allen and Brittany Williams, a couple since 2017, are at the center of cheating allegations. This article digs into the truth behind these claims and what they mean for both of them.

Keep reading to uncover the facts.

Background on Josh Allen and Brittany Williams’ Relationship

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have been with each other since 2017. They share something pretty special, not just as a couple but as childhood friends who grew up together. This bond they’ve created over the years isn’t just about being in a romantic relationship; it’s about having that deep connection that comes from knowing someone inside and out.

Think of those college football games where Williams was cheering on Allen, showing her support long before their love story became public knowledge.

Their dating history took a significant step when they decided to build a house together in Buffalo in 2019, marking the beginning of their shared living space and perhaps sealing their commitment to each other.

Interestingly, Williams once talked on a podcast about how Allen ghosted her for an entire year — talk about taking “playing hard to get” to another level! But, what matters is they rekindled their romance strong enough to overcome that yearlong separation.

Now, let’s dive into the rumors swirling around – allegations of infidelity.

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Allegations of Infidelity

Josh Allen found himself in hot water when rumors of cheating on Brittany Williams surfaced. The internet buzzed with talks about his supposed unfaithfulness, sparking widespread curiosity and concern.

The source of the rumor

Brittany Williams made a bold move by unfollowing Josh Allen on Instagram. She also removed all their photos together. This action set the internet on fire, sparking rumors about their relationship.

People started talking. They wondered if there was trouble in paradise. Then, someone sent a tip to deuxmoi, an Instagram account famous for celebrity gossip. This tip claimed Josh Allen had cheated with a bartender.

But, nobody knows who this bartender is.

This news spread like wildfire across social media platforms. Fans and followers were quick to jump into the drama, sharing opinions and speculations. Many searched for clues of infidelity and looked closely at any hint of a breakup between them.

The unknown third party’s involvement only added more mystery to the story, making everyone even more curious about what happened between Josh Allen and Brittany Williams.

Evidence against the rumor

Moving from the origins of these cheating rumors, there’s key evidence that suggests things might not be as they seem. Josh Allen keeps photos of Brittany Williams on his Instagram account, hinting at a possibility of reconciliation or at least, no hard feelings.

No official statements have been made by either party about a breakup or infidelity, leaving room for speculation but also doubt regarding the allegations.

Fans notice Allen and Williams no longer follow each other on social media—a move often seen in today’s digital age as a sign of relationship trouble. Yet, the absence of any confirmation or comment from them directly hints that what we see online might not tell the full story.

The lack of birthday posts or public interactions adds to this mix, creating more questions than answers about their current status without providing concrete proof of their commitment to one another.

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Impact on Allen and Williams

The cheating rumors hit hard. Brittany Williams took to Instagram, unfollowing Josh Allen and wiping him from her photos. This action spoke volumes, stirring up talk about relationship troubles and breakup hints.

On her birthday, a cake with “#MHWN” made everyone think more. It seemed like she was saying something big without using words.

Josh Allen stayed quiet on social media about these issues. But the whispers of infidelity and a possible child on the way kept growing online. Podcasts and chats filled with speculations on what went down between them, adding fuel to the fire.

Now let’s see how they both decided to respond amidst all the chaos.

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Responses from Allen and Williams

Josh Allen and Brittany Williams quickly spoke out against the cheating rumors, sharing their side of the story to clear the air.

Social media posts

Social media tells us a lot. It often shows what’s going on between people.

  • Brittany Williams took a big step. She stopped following Josh Allen on Instagram and deleted all their photos together.
  • Fans noticed something interesting. All the pictures of Williams are still up on Allen’s Instagram.
  • During her birthday, Williams shared a special cake picture. It had “#MHWN” written on it, which comes from “My Husband Would Never,” a podcast hinting at issues.
  • Allen kept quiet online about Williams’ birthday. He didn’t share any greetings or tributes to her on that day.
  • The silence speaks volumes. Neither Allen nor Williams posted anything to clear up the rumors about them.
  • Fans are putting pieces together from their social media activity. They’re trying to figure out if Allen is trying to win Williams back.

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Statements from their representatives

Moving from what we saw on social media, let’s now dive into what the representatives of Josh Allen and Brittany Williams have to say. These statements shed more light on the swirling rumors and their relationship status.

  • Both Allen and Williams have kept quiet personally. Instead, their reps talk for them.
  • A close source to the couple stated, “Josh and Brittany are working through things privately.” This shows they might be trying to sort out whatever issues they have away from the public eye.
  • Despite rumors of cheating, a statement mentioned, “They urge people not to jump to conclusions based on unverified gossip.” They’re asking everyone to hold off believing everything they hear.
  • Addressing the Instagram drama, where Williams unfollowed Allen and wiped her account clean of his photos, the reps said, “Social media does not always tell the full story.” They hint that just because Williams took down pictures, it doesn’t mean their relationship is over.
  • On rumors about attempting to win back Brittany after alleged infidelity, one rep commented, “Actions speak louder than words.” It seems like they’re implying Josh is making efforts beyond social media posts.
  • Concerning celebrity gossip and how quickly stories spread online, the representatives urged caution. They said, “It’s important to remember that not everything you read online is true.”
  • Lastly, when addressing the speculation about a bartender being pregnant with Allen’s child, a statement made clear that these claims are unfounded. The reps emphasized looking at facts before forming opinions.


The question of whether Josh Allen cheated on Brittany Williams has stirred quite the buzz. Rumors and speculations filled the air, yet both remained silent on their standing. Their actions, especially on social media, added more to the mystery than provided answers.

This lack of clear information leaves us hanging – pondering the truth in a sea of gossip. What happened might stay hidden behind closed doors, leaving fans and followers piecing together clues from what’s left unsaid.

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