What’s The Truth: Did Jay-Z Cheat on Beyonce?

The discussion about Jay-Z and BeyoncĂ©’s marriage got more intense after some public hints and mysterious lyrics suggested cheating. As we examine their public and private statements, we wonder what’s still hidden behind their carefully managed public images. What we know about Jay-Z’s alleged affair? Rumours that Jay-Z cheated started spreading after an elevator fight … Read more

Catherine Reitman Lips Controversy Explained: What Really Happened?

Catherine Reitman, the creator and star of ‘Working Moms,’ has been talked about a lot. People aren’t just discussing her show, which dives into the tough parts of motherhood. They’re also focusing a lot on her looks, especially her lips. Some think she’s had surgery; others guess about health issues. The Background of Catherine Reitman’s … Read more