What is Web Hosting & Why It’s Important


The computer has proved to be the biggest invention in the history of science and technology. The innumerable number of facilities provided by the computer is commendable. From the speed, versatility, accuracy, portability to the internet, all the facilities are up to the mark. The computer is not less than a virtual human brain. To your every question, it has an answer. The computer has made the life of humans very easy. Any work can be done on the computer and saved for later use. Today, one cannot even imagine their life without this outstanding invention.

With the discovery of the Internet, thee uses and importance of the computer has reached its next level. Internet is a network that uses internet protocols and network connectivity to share any information safely and securely. The importance of the internet in our daily lives is unquestionable. The internet connects you to billions of people at a time. Before it’s advent, it was a time -taking process to talk to another person sitting far away from you. But now, within a short span of time, you can talk. It connects you from millions of computer network at the same time.

What is Web Hosting?

Web Hosting is a service that authorizes an organization or an individual to post a website or web page on the internet. A Web hosting service provider is a business that provides the services needed for the website to be viewed on the internet. Websites are hosted on a special computer called server. If any internet user wants to view your web page or website then simply they have to write the website address or domain name in their search bar of their browser. After doing this, their browser or computer will get connected to your server and then web pages will be sent to the user through the browser.

Types of Web Hosting Service Provider

There are so many types of web hosting service provider that is available to host. Before proceeding further, it is mandatory to check what kind of service your website requires, your available budget, type of server that you need, etc. There are broadly four types of Web Hosting service providers. They have been classified and explained below:-

  • Website Builder:- This type of hosting service is for the beginners to host a website but they lack knowledge and abilities to build a website. Website Builder service provides it’s the user an online browser-based interface to build and also host the website and make any further additional set up for the same.
  • Shared Hosting:- In a shared hosting service provider, the website is shared with other users as well. In this physical server and software application is shared among or between other users. HostItBro is best among all shared hosting providers. The shared hosting service is actually affordable as the cost of the server is shared among all it’s user equally. But the disadvantage of this type of hosting service is that it is slow.
  • Dedicated Hosting:- In this type of hosting environment, the whole server is dedicated to only one user. The service is fast because it belongs to only one person and the resources are also entirely used only by one person without sharing the service with other owners. But, if a single person holds the ownership of a server then the entire cost will be on the shoulders of that person. However, this dedicated hosting service is good and fast and also safe and secure.
  • Collocated Hosting:- This Collocated hosting service is also excellent. It has many advantages. The best part is the user can simply purchase the server and house it at a web host’s facility. The entire cost of the server will be paid by the server owner. The best part is the owner of the server will have full control of its server. It will be safe and secure from all the way. The owner can download any application or script they want to, anytime.

So, above-mentioned types of hosting service providers have been classified on the basis of their uses, work and cost. All the web hosting service is different from each other in their own way with some advantages and disadvantages.

Importance of Web Hosting

Web hosting is important in many ways. Some of it’s basic and major importance’s are mentioned below:-

  • Fast website load time:- No website owner will love to give their users a slow website experience. A slow website most likely will not entertain it’s user’s demand and the user may not love the experience of the website and also most likely they will take an exit from there. But with good web hosting, there are more chances to impress the users.
  • Decrease website down:- Many times, some users have come across the many website-related problems. The main issue is website remains unavailable for it’s users due to poor web hosting service. If the website goes down then the website owner may lose their customers revenue most importantly, the trust.

Along with it, better security, frequent website backup, better support, search engine optimization and ranking, are some of the major importance of having a good web hosting service. Web hosting is important because of the reasons mentioned above. But before proceeding further the website owner should keep in mind their budget and what type of service is needed and then they can easily enjoy the services provided by a good web host.

Best Glucometer to Buy In India 2020- Buying Guide with FAQ

Measuring the sugar level & blood glucose levels seem to be for those people who are health & fitness conscious. A glucometer plays a significant role in diabetic patients &helps them to keep a track of their glucose levels in the body.

Advanced Technology & Science have discovered this device so that the patients are not required to visit the clinic to keep a check of sugar levels in their blood when they are at a critical stage.

A glucose meter, technically referred to as a glucometer is an excellent equipment that helps the patients to determine the levels of glucose by examining the blood sample of the person.

The above process is done by pricking the skin with a medical lancet and setting the blood test on a strip that goes into the machine.

Since various brands manufacture this product, we need to know about the right one.

Below you’re provided with some of the Best Glucometers that you can buy in India:

Top 6 Best Glucometer Reviewed

Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor

1. Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor –

Accu-Check Instant Blood Glucose Monitor is referred to as the best glucometer in India which is accompanied by a pack of 10 strips & 10 sterile lancets.

It displays the result on the screen in a mere 4 seconds. There are nine colour markers in the device i.e. Red indicates ‘Low’, Green indicates ‘Normal’ while Blue indicates ‘High’ glucose level.

The device is required to store at a room temperature of 8 degrees to 42 degrees.


  • The gadget is easy to carry & very accessible.
  • The device stores at a limit of 750 samples by giving us the scope to control the glucose levels precisely.
  • The overall execution of the Accu-Check Glucometer is acceptable & gives accurate results.
  • The samples of the gadget claim Venous Capillary, Neonate & Arterial.


  • The device has come up with a few test strips.
  • The pack accompanied by the strips is costly.

2. Dr Trust Glucometer Machine-

Dr. Trust Glucometer Machine

Dr Trust Glucometer Machine is manufactured by a brand of the USA that works differently depending upon the sample inserted.

The above device is a fully automated & has a Ketone feature that checks the imbalance of Ketone levels in the body.

The device displays the readings within 5 seconds along with a Smiley symbol i.e.

– Happy Smiley for Good Results &,

– Sad Smiley for Bad Results.


  • The gadget consists of a huge display screen with backlight by making it easy to read the results.
  • This device requires a very small unit of blood i.e. 0.5µl to check blood sugar levels.
  • The strips can last as long as 2 years while the lancets have a life expectancy of 5 years.
  • The device has a memory of storing 1000 readings.


  • The internal settings & features of the gadget might puzzle some users.
  • The test strips are quite expensive.

3. Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer-

Dr. Morepen BG-03 Glucometer

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer comprises restorative lancets, 25 strips & LCD display.

The beep alert feature in the device helps in knowing an increase or drop in the sugar levels.

Dr Morepen BG-03 Glucometer alarms when the device is turned on for measuring the samples and when the test is completed & works differently for different kinds of penetrations.

Unlike other brands, this glucometer is comparatively stylish & attracts most of the customers.


  • The producer offers a lifetime warranty on this glucometer model.
  • The device has a capacity of storing 300 readings.
  • This gadget requires a very small unit of blood i.e. 0.5µl to check glucose levels of the body.


  • The design quality of the glucometer can be improved by incorporating some standard quality materials in it.
  • The self-life of test strips is shorter than that of the competitors.

4. BeatO Smartphone Glucose Meter-

BeatO Smartphone Glucose Meter

BeatO is a newly commenced business that facilitates the users to see the results on their smartphone. The display of readings includes the sugar level, fasting option, date and time, etc. for the ease of users.

BeatO Glucometer has excelled in long-lasting battery life & smartphone integration. It makes use of 3V of DC power supply that can be handled by using a battery.

The device comes with a lancet & a pack of 20 strips.


  • The device has an outstanding battery performance due to which it carries out 4000 tests on a scale.
  • The glucometer has a long battery life.
  • The gadget is small in size & is quite easy to handle.
  • The device needs a small blood sample i.e. 0.6µl.


  • The entire pack is quite expensive to purchase.
  • This glucometer would become inaccessible in the absence of a smartphone.
  • It takes 10 seconds to display results on the screen.

5. OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer-

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer

OneTouch Select Simple Glucometer is manufactured by Johnson & Johnson. This glucometer is mainly designed for those people who are suffering from Diabetes for a long time & can be personalized according to personal & therapy goals.

The audio-video alarm mechanism of this glucometer notifies the customers about their sugar & glucose levels in the body.

This device is easy to access & is widely preferred in hospitals, clinics, health care centres & other locations.


  • It has an alert mechanism when the battery of the device gets low.
  • Results get displayed on the screen in no time.
  • The company offers a lifetime replacement option to the customers.
  • It doesn’t require any coding chip making it easy to use.
  • The Lithium cell battery is used to make the glucometer last longer as compared to others.
  • This device has two indicators i.e.:- Blue Indicator (low sugar levels)- Red Indicator (worst situation)


  • The major disadvantage of this glucometer is that it does not incorporate any memory function & the data gets dismissed after the testing.
  • The device comes up with only 10 test strips, which is very low as compared to other glucometers.

6. Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer-

Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer

Bayer Contour TS Blood Glucometer is produced by Panasonic Health Care Company Limited & is popular with every age group because of its easy operational functioning.

The technologies used in the gadget helps in eliminating the accuracies to get right results & increase customer satisfaction.

The test strips are orange in colour & capable of displaying results in a very short span of time. This is the best product for people looking for self-testing of sugar & glucose levels.

Moreover, the device is capable of working at room temperatures of 5°C to 45°C also.


  • With the purchase of this glucometer, the manufacturer provides a 1-year warranty of the product from the date of purchase.
  • This device comprises a large display screen for better visibility of the results to the user.
  • The test requires a tiny amount of blood i.e. 0.6uL.


  • The screen displays results within 8 seconds which is quite a long time as compared to other glucometers.
  • The strips are quite expensive.



Accuracy is the most vital factor considered while choosing a glucometer. When the results are displayed on the screen, it gives proper information & knowledge of your blood sugar levels. If the device is not appropriate in displaying results, it will create confusion & misunderstandings regarding your health & treatment.

Data Storage:

A customer should always opt that glucometer that has a good memory of storing the records, at least the last 10 readings, for keeping a proper track of blood sugar levels.

This feature facilitates customers for not memorizing & jotting down every time’s readings to keep a check on fluctuating blood sugar levels.


The quality & life of the strips plays an important role while selecting the right glucometer. A test strip acts as the main ingredient of the entire process as they check the sugar levels & display the readings on the screen.

The customer would have to refill the stock of strips. Hence, the cost of strips should also be considered before purchasing a glucometer.


A potential customer should also choose those glucometers which notify them about their low, high or normal sugar levels. It proved to be a great feature for elderly people as they do not have to memorize the ideal readings.

Notifications also alert the customers about the draining battery of the device. But this feature varies in different ways, as some glucometers have beep alert while others have LED notifications.


Customers should always check for the warranty period before purchasing a glucometer. Many manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty or replacement period for their products.

Usually, customers get a warranty of 1-5 years on the glucometers which helps them eliminate the chances of disbursing money on the exchange.

Test Time:

A customer would never want to wait for hours to know about their blood sugar levels in the body. A longer test time would also cause a delay in the treatment process, in case of urgency.

But due to technological advancements, many glucometers offers a test time of fewer than 5 seconds. Only “BeatO Smartphone Glucose Meter” takes 10 seconds to display results, because it offers more information to the user than a conventional glucometer.

Size of the Glucometer:

If a person uses the device very frequently, then a small-sized glucometer would help the patient to be at ease. A small sized glucometer also helps in carrying the device anywhere, even for travelling purposes.


Some glucometers require you to insert a code (found on the case of the test strips) to utilize them with that pack of test strips.

Coding helps to measure accurate test results. However, modern and technologically advanced glucometers do not require coding as they are provided with the best quality test strips that are capable of generating accurate blood glucose results.

If you enter an incorrect code in the device, the reading will be inaccurate, which can confuse the diagnosis of the patient.

However, some glucometer models contain code in the test strips itself while other models contain a microchip in the batch of the strips that can be inserted in the device for readings.


Glucometers play a vital role in a diabetic patient’s survival. From the above discussion we’ve also realized that how accuracy is an important factor while choosing a glucometer as it would directly affect the diagnosis of a diabetic patient.

We have already compiled 6 best Glucometers a person should buy in India. Although we have assembled nearly all the important details for you, but do not contemplate it as a piece of medical advice.

You should always seek advice from your doctor if you want more information about any of the above discussed-glucometers.


  • What is coding in a glucometer?

Coding is a process of adjusting meter when you use another pack of strips. Each strip manufacturer gives the code that you use to instruct the glucometer to change the readings.

  • How to use lancets or strips while testing?

It is highly advisable not to reuse any test strip or lancet as they are extremely unhygienic & won’t display accurate results. Also, a used lancet will become less sharpened & will get painful & risky for the finger when pricking.

  • Explain the working of a glucometer?

Glucometer helps in measuring the sugar & glucose levels in the blood. Firstly, you enter a strip into the device & then, the device signals you to put a drop of blood on the strip. Prick your finger and set the blood sample.

Once the required amount of blood is on the strip, the device gives the readings about glucose or sugar levels in the body. Many glucometers have the alert function for higher & lower sugar levels.

  • Where should the strips & lancets be stored?

The strips and lancets should always be stored in a case. They are made up of plastic & mostly glucometers come with it. Always make sure that the case in which the lancets & strips are stored should always be tightly closed & it …

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Best Smart Gadgets for summers

Gadgets are devices or machines which make our life easier and enhance convenience. Gadgets establish a link between people virtually and in the real world it can even reduce the gap between professional and personal life. The use of gadgets is assumed to be limited to an individual but gadgets are also used in various manufacturing or industries. Gadgets are made with the purpose of enhancing the efficiency and also to make our life and work easy. The use of gadgets hells you in putting less time and effort into completing the work.

What are the apparent gadgets to buy?

The most apparent examples of gadgets are mobile phones, tablets, e – books ,calculator, video game, video camera, television, car, bike and more but summer gadgets are those which provides you relief from the hot weather such as ice cream maker, sunburn wristwatch, ice puck and more the gadgets not only provide you numerous applications and games to play and connect to the world of knowledge i.e., Google and other sites through the use of gadgets but also provide you relaxation from summers. The only aim of gadgets is not only to establish connection between various people, gaming, streaming, social sites, online shopping, bank information, texting,vedio call and more but with advancement it’s role has increased and modified a lot.

Irrespective if the advantages there are some not drawbacks of the gadgets

The consistent use of gadgets enhance laziness and make you addicted to games, social sites, text messages, emails, ignorance of studies, health issues such as back problems along with cause eyesight problems and much more. It also affects the body posture and physical health not only of children as well as of everyone additionally the student’s education and social life also has a negative impact. No doubt the gadgets enhance convenience by providing you services such as email, social sites which connect us not only with our family and friends but also to the rest of the world. Further the increasing competition among various economies to serve the best technology and also there are a number of companies in the market which are consistently making the best possible change along with this most of the companies are entering into the market. Getting the right gadget can help you.

Choosing the right one is a good decision

Fourth, a life which does not have gadgets is incomplete as many of us rely on comfort as gadgets play a principle role due to which it is difficult to perform all the activities by yourself. Aside from this gadgets are easily available online and offline too even with the facility of EMI scheme. Among the various gadgets such as kitchen appliances, cars, laptops, smart phones, smart watches and more the role of collars, air conditioner is also important in the hot weather as it not only gives us a feeling of serenity and also has warranty.

Gadgets for summer

1.Ice cream maker

Ice cream is best to have in summer or it is even best when you can make it at home without being scared about it’s quality. It is of two types: one is automatic and other work with the help of your hand. Ice cream makers are best as it requires little effort and you can easily make ice cream how you want.


2.Chill puck

It helps you to keep your drinks cold. As it matches with all the cans of the drink and ensure that cans remain cold. It is easily transferable and movable. The can has to be place on it which maintains the temperature and keeps it freezing.


3.Cool box

 It is a device which keeps the food and drinks cold. You need to put ice in the cooler to keep your stuff cool.


4.Sunburn wristband

As sunburn is very common during summers so with advancement wrist watches or bands are discovered to prevent sunburn by reminding you to apply the sunscreen after spending a particular time in the sun.



It is the best way to stay cool during summer as it provides cool air everywhere through rotation. Along with this it can be used in offices, houses, gardens and more. Table fans can also work with the help of battery as well as of electricity.


6.Air conditioner

Nowadays air conditioners are common like fans in every house. It has a system which moves out the heat  colds air restore in the room. But it requires more Watt of energy to work and also have some negative effects on our bodies.



Certainly gadgets make our life easier and much more convenient than ever before. Their use is not only to help us in executing all the tasks efficiently but also make it easy to use through proper instructions , do and don’ts. The use of gadgets is continuously increasing in our life from use of smartphones , kitchen appliances, digital cars, and advanced video cameras gadgets are used in every house .Additionally, with the more advancement in the technical world make the gadgets used worldwide as the more the use of modern gadgets the economy is more strong. To conclude the summer gadgets are the best way to be relieved all around as now the use of these gadgets is not restricted to house but it is easy to avail the benefits of gadgets outside the house through devices such as coolers, sunburn wristwatch, chill pucks and more.…

Top smart gadgets to carry in GYM

New years a lot of you must have made the resolution to become more fit but going to the gym isn’t the only way to be motivated enthusiastic people can start working on this resolution by first getting these top smart gadgets that can be carried to the gym, get started with fitness using these advanced gym gadgets

Fitness smart gadgets:

  • Fit bit ionic

Priced at $240 fitbit ionic is the best smartwatch right now in the market with impressive features well fitting for gym freaks. It tracks your workouts with almost every type of workout updated and when it comes to looks it has a very sophisticated look and comfortable feel to the watch suitable for any situation.

Ozmo active smart cup hydration tracker

It is very important to stay hydrated which many people neglect right away especially when it comes to workout. We don’t always have our parents or well wishers nearby to keep reminding us but ozmo is a hydration tracker cup that is leak free and tracks the amount of water consumed, how much more should be taken and also has an alarm when the cup shakes to alert the user to drink water. It has an app in the app store one can connect it through the Bluetooth; the cup also has a battery and speaker. The product is priced at $70.

  • Tangram smart rope

Tangram is a smart rope as it keeps tracks of your skips for you lights up with LED in mid air showing the stats. Skip rope is one of the best cardio workouts and tangram helps you just there, it can record more than 100 sets of skip rope sessions.

Upright go posture trainer

In today’s technology generation we all get stuck to our computers and phones for hours with contorted body posture specially stooping. These unhealthy sitting positions are really harmful for the spine and if not corrected might lead to serious damage. UpRight trainer tracks your body position and after connecting to your phone keeps making us aware of our posture and helps us to correct it in the right way also with toughing our cores.

The product is widely used and the makers have such trust on the success of the product that it comes with 30 –day complete money back guarantee. Priced at $80.

Sculpt performance training system

Sculpt is a training system which measures fat percentage of your body at any given time. It can analyze the current physical state of the body and record 24 areas of fat in the body. It also helps us understand and focus on the parts of the body to burn fat efficiently. Sculpt is priced at $85.

IFit sleep hr

For an athlete sleep pattern and a good sleep is required along with a good eating habits.

There might come times when we need to track our sleeping pattern and duration and IFit sleep hr is exactly the product for you. It connects with your smart phones through Bluetooth and just has to be put beneath your matters. It studies your body angle, the amount of time you move, number of times your sleep was disturbed. It also analyses at which sleeping stage are you in cureently or were at a particular point of time and have an inbuilt alarm which wakes you up when at the most appropriate sleeping stage.

It’s priced for: $119

Bose sound support free wireless headphones

For a lot of people gym is the time to think and reflect over the entire day that’s where they pop in music and start with their workout. One of the best wireless headphones in the market for gym purposes is Bose headphones. It has sweat resistance feature with find my buds feature linked with an app connected to your Smartphone for in case you ever lost your headphones. The app can be also used to customize the audio settings to your liking.

This is priced at: $199

Powerdot 2.0Muscle stimulator

It’s often that after workouts athletes take a cold shower and continue with their day avoiding the throbbing muscle pain. If left unattended for long the consequences can be damaging to the body. Powerdot is a muscle stimulator that stimulates the tensed or aching parts of the body. It’s a good way of doing away with your fatigue and soreness and it also improves our muscle performance. this product can be used by pairing it with the Smartphone downloading an app and putting the muscle stimulator over body parts that hurt and the level of the stimulator can be controlled by the phone. This is priced at $299.


Fitness gadgets today range from $80 -$250.

Available at mostly Amazon or even a sports complex or even some gyms. Some gadgets are expensive but the features that it contains justify its price. Quality comes at a high expense.


When it comes to gyming and fitness it’s important that we work smart and not only hard.

With our day to day busy life keeping track and maintain that healthy lifestyle becomes really difficult but products like hydration tracker and pulse oximeter and fit bit or apple watches helps us keep track of ourselves and not only inside the gym even when out for a jog or work. The fitness gadgets may be a little expensive but if it helps us get results it’s not a really big number when measured with success.

In 2020 the smart gadgets available for gym are really advanced and are bound to surely make our workout convenient and our journey towards fitness a little more easy.…