Best Time to Visit Guwahati


Guwahati, Commonly known as ” Gauhati ” Located in India, is the largest city of Assam (a state of India). Assam covers an area of about 30,285 Square Miles. Guwahati is a riverine port of India that allows it to become the fastest-growing city in India. Guwahati is the largest city and a thriving Metropolis in Northeast India.


It is a so-called “The City of Temples” the culture, and the mighty river of Brahmaputra makes it famous mostly. It is a popular tourist attraction, The Kamakhya temple situated at the top of Nilachal hill is the favorite place for tourists to visit. It is located 10Km from the railway station. Shillong is the most beautiful place in Guwahati to visit, which is situated about 100Km from Guwahati.


In ancient times, Guwahati was called Pragjyotishpura, Guwahati has references all around the city such as the Puranas. In ancient times, it was known as the Capital of Many Kingdoms. Guwahati is almost a 1500-year-old city.

Temperature and Weather of Guwahati

Summer Season in Guwahati

Summer in Guwahati starts in April and stays till May. The temperature in the summers reaches up to 40°C, making it harder for the tourists and the people living there to enjoy the breeze and visit different ancient and beautiful places. However, the day time may be hot, but the Night-time is calm and relaxing.

Monsoon Season in Guwahati

Monsoon Season, It starts at the beginning of June till the end of September. The commonly known best season to visit Guwahati as the temperature there is about 29°C that is pleasant weather and temperature. The fact that everyone believes that monsoon is the best season to visit Guwahati.

They are slightly wrong due to the heavy rain it makes it harder for people to go out as the rain causes many troubles such as flooding and rising water levels. But the bright side of the storm is the hotels and the flights in Guwahati are cheaper than in other seasons.

Winter Season in Guwahati

The Winter Season in Guwahati starts at the beginning of November and stays till the end of February. The temperature is between 5°-15°C Kati and Kangali Bihu is celebrated at the start of September and ends At the end of October, whereas Bhogali Bihu is celebrated in January.

Pros and Cons of the city Guwahati


  • The increase in population in the city is a significant issue that will lead to Unemployment, Less Job offering, Poverty, etc. According to the census of 2011, the population of Guwahati was about (est. 960,000). The community of Guwahati in 2020 is about (Est.1,116,267). It is estimated that by 2025 the population will increase up to Est. 2.8 million.
  • One of the city’s main issues is that the sellers there have put a hike on the prices of many essentials such as Poultry, Vegetables, and fish.
  • The air pollution in Guwahati is a significant drawback to the density, and the amount of air pollution is an all-time high. The time duration of bad air quality is est. 6-9 Pm.


  • Finding jobs in Guwahati isn’t quite much of a problem. However, there even isn’t a lot of competition there getting good remuneration isn’t a big issue. Neither is it hard.
  • Guwahati is a city of Malls and night clubs even though they are against the culture there, but they are worth visiting.


The best time to visit the city Guwahati is Winter because this season has a lot to offer, such as the pleasant chilly temperature over 5°- 15°C. One can also take part in the Bihus to enjoy the pleasant weather. Monsoon isn’t a very well appreciated season to take visits towards Guwahati because of the weak system of handling water level during the heavy rains.

Summer is also not a good season to pay an appointment because of the high temperature over 40°C, which makes it hard for tourists to enjoy the beautiful and historical places of the city; however, the nighttime is a pleasant time for good temperature. Still, many people would not recommend nighttime for paying a visit to beautiful places such as the Kamakhya Temple.

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